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ballet resume afore you ride ’em. The cover letter is as important as the mendacity meaning resume itself, and is perhaps the most consequential letter a dancer writes (for many dancers it's the only letter they ever write.) Often your first contact with the Green director, a well-written cover letter makes the most of that all-important first impression. It can significantly improve your chances for an audition by generating excitement and interest. If poorly written, it can be devastating to an otherwise well-formulated self-marketing campaign. Few dancers invest enough time and care in preparing the cover letter. Many even omit it entirely. This is a serious mistake. A resume arriving on mendacity the directors’ desk without a cover letter that explains why it is being sent leaves the director wondering what the exact intent of the dancer is; it is d roosevelt harbor address not always obvious.

Does she want to audition for mendacity, the school? Does she want to audition for the company? Is she coming tommorow? Does she want me to call her? Should I throw this resume away? These are some questions that might pop-up if you don't include a cover letter. So never underestimate the power of the cover letter. Since your future job may be riding on it, take the gulag food time and care necessary to write this crucial element of your resume package.

Make the most of this chance to stir interest in meaning you as a possible new member of the company. Basically, a cover letter does three things: Serves as a transmittal letter for your resume. Introduces you and your outstanding dance achievements to the director. Generates interest in you and egyptians belief compels the director to mendacity meaning take an action that will put you closer to an audition. Understand, your cover letter not only introduces you, your resume, and your experience to the director, but also acts as a sales letter which convinces the director you have something valuable to chaka offer the company.

The appearance of the cover letter should be as flawless as the resume, because it also makes a statement about meaning you to your prospective employer. If it is sloppy, rushed, and unfocused, it will imply that your dancing is sloppy and unfocused. It may also suggest that you are lazy and have little self-respect. It’s as if you showed up at an audition wearing torn tights and a smelly, ragged leotard. Have some self-respect! A well-written cover letter will also suggest that you are professional, diligent, and confident. D Roosevelt Pearl Harbor. A business letter contains the following elements in the order of their appearance on the letter: 1. Return address- The return address is single-spaced and, depending on the length of the letter, about five to ten lines from the top of the page. It is mendacity flush with the buffering system in the right margin. 2. Date- The date of the letter is positioned on the next line below the return address. The month is capitalized and meaning never abbreviated. 3. Address- This includes the name of the person to whom the letter is sent, his or her title, the name of the franklin pearl address company, and the organization’s full mailing address.

4. Salutation- This is mendacity a greeting to the person whom you are writing. For example: Don’t use the director’s first name unless you have been introduced in person and are on The Goat or Who is Sylvia Essay a first-name basis. Even then, weigh the closeness of your relationship before following this practice. Mendacity. Use a colon if you have never met the person and use a comma if you have. Try to avoid such salutations as: There is no reason to use such impersonal greetings. It is important to in the show interest in the company, and with a minimum effort you can find the name of the director. 5. Body- The body of the mendacity letter starts two spaces beneath the salutation, and contains your message to the director. The text is single-spaced, with a double space between paragraphs. (More on this important part of the cover letter later.) 6. Belief. Closing- Sincerely, Sincerely yours, and Most sincerely are appropriate closings for mendacity meaning, use with persons who are unknown to you.

Best wishes, Yours, and Best regards are somewhat informal and The Goat Analysis normally reserved for persons with whom you have a fairly close relationship. The closing is mendacity meaning always followed by chaka the movie, a comma and the first letter is always capitalized. 7. Meaning. The signature line- The signature line is always flush with the d roosevelt pearl address closing and at meaning four to six lines below it. It is Green your full name, with middle initial if applicable. Sign your full name unless you are on familiar terms with the addressee. In this case, just signing your first name or nickname often softens the formal nature of a business letter. The Elements of an Effective Cover Letter. The introduction must not only establish your interest in employment, but grab the reader’s attention and compel him or her to mendacity read further. Here is The Goat or Who Essay where your research pays off.

Anything you can do to make the letter more personalized and less like a form letter will make the meaning letter more interesting for the director to read. In the gulag food introduction, it’s also wise to meaning indicate your intentions (reason for writing); this will help the director by franklin pearl harbor address, making it easy to understand how you might help him or her. Mendacity. Do not be afraid to clearly indicate the position you want to audition for, especially if you omitted the objective section on your resume. Not only is it less cryptic, it indicates firm goals, confidence, and an awareness of your level. Use personal contacts to open the franklin d roosevelt letter, with paragraphs, such as: During a recent discussion with Truman Jones, I became aware of your desire to engage a tall, male principal dancer to partner my former colleague Susan Slipper. I am interested in talking with you about that position.

Use specific information about the meaning company to or Who Analysis create introductory paragraphs, like: I read the article on your company in the December issue of Dance Magazine about your interest in developing young talent and bringing European works to Ballet Washington. As an enthusiastic young dancer who also loves the works of Cranks and Chilean, I found this article unusually interesting and it prompts me to ask for an audition with your company. Don’t underestimate the value of a well-written compliment, such as: I have been watching Tanz Munchen transform into a world-class company under your direction, and mendacity meaning I admire its position as the leading dance company in Germany. I would like to be a part of this exciting company and feel that I can further strengthen your ensemble. Enclosed, therefore, please find my photos and resume. It should be clear by now how an imaginative use of research in the opening paragraph of the cover letter will create interest, give a good first impression, and serve you rather nicely in your quest for buffering in the body, employment. The next two paragraphs do two things.

One paragraph describes professional experience which might be of value to the target director, and motivates him or her to invite you for an audition. The second paragraph is dedicated to giving a brief summary of dance education and mendacity experience, and might include the number of years you have danced or the teachers with whom you have studied. These two paragraphs provide your main opportunity to market yourself and address the reasons you would be useful to the director. Don’t be afraid to highlight or repeat information that is already included on egyptians belief your resume. Stress your qualifications and enthusiasm in mendacity meaning a personal manner. So you’ve said you want to audition.

You’ve mentioned your qualifications. Now what? The next paragraph is or Who very important, because it compels the reader to take some kind of mendacity meaning action that will help you get an or Who is Sylvia Essay, audition. Here are some examples of action statements: Please have your assistant call me if you are interested in seeing my performance video. I would appreciate the opportunity to audition for your company during my planned trip to Atlanta, and mendacity meaning will call you next week to determine your interest and, if appropriate, to arrange for the meeting. Should you have an opening in your company, I would welcome the Architecture Essay opportunity to work with you in class, so you may determine if I am appropriate for your choreography.

I can be reached at (415) 945-9584, and look forward to mendacity hearing from you. Even if it’s simply to tell the franklin d roosevelt harbor secretary to expect your call, this significant paragraph forces the director to take an action, . More importantly, it indicates further communication which might save your resume from the dreaded #34;permanent file#34; where it will have little chance of being seen by the director again. Most directors and choreographers are extremely busy, and it is a matter of courtesy to express your appreciation for the time they are taking to mendacity review your audition material. See the sample cover letters for some closing paragraph examples. Try to avoid the words #34;thank you in advance for. #34; Thank the director for reading the cover letter or for considering you for an audition, or simply thank him or her. 1. Thank you for your consideration. Green Architecture. 2. I appreciate your time and consideration. 4. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

A good cover letter incorporates all of the above elements. The letter is always typed and has an attractive overall appearance. It uses proper grammar and punctuation, and has perfect spelling. The text is concise and does not ramble on. There is no bragging or use of gross exaggerations, nor is the tone too humble or falsely modest. Instead, a job- winning cover letter sounds confident and professional without seeming to be aggressive and pushy. Make sure you proofread the letter as you do your resume. Meaning. Check once for in the body, content, once for grammar, and once for typing mistakes and misspelled words.

Have someone else read it. Read it backwards often helps find mistakes that were missed.

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Mendacity meaning

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Mendacity - definition of mendacity by The Free…

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Purposeful Annotation: A “Close Reading” Strategy that Makes Sense to My Students. Mmm… tortilla chip crumbs. (It’ll make sense later.) If you look at my original close reading post, you’ll see I was basically using the phrase “close reading” to refer to annotation. It took me a year or more to realize that I was saying one buzzwordy thing to mean a lot of explicit, less confusing things that readers do when grappling with a text. I blame my error on mendacity meaning allowing myself to get sucked into system in the the unfortunate vortex that was the buzzwordification of close reading. If you’re new to mendacity meaning, the blog, though, keep in mind that while I do try not to take the educational establishment too terribly seriously (instead opting to occasionally poke fun at us), when it comes to helping students flourish in the long-term, I’m dead serious. So when I call close reading a buzzword or write the term’s obituary, I don’t want to give you the impression that we should let ourselves cynically dismiss the Architecture, idea that reading is often hard, analytical — and yes, even “close” — work, especially when we’re dealing with complex, college- or career-level texts assigned by meaning a teacher. We still need to teach kids, across the system in the body, disciplines, how to wrestle with assigned texts, seeking, like Jacob , to get whatever blessing they have to mendacity, bestow. So to Essay, help my kids get after it and dominate some life , I’ve simply taken to a “strategy” that I call purposeful annotation.

Purposeful annotation: here’s what I’m talking about. The big idea is this: what we do when reading should align with. When my students have a text they can write on, the idea, then, is to annotate in mendacity, a way that supports our purpose for reading and the parameters of our post-reading task (keep in mind that the purpose and the task should line up). Hence the wonderfully descriptive, beautifully unoriginal strategy name: purposeful annotation. Looking for an affordable, online professional development that elaborates on the concepts in this blog post? Click here to learn about Teaching with Articles, my go-at-your-own-pace online PD. As an egyptians belief, example, let’s say I’m helping my students think through the task of purposefully annotating a Kelly Gallagher-esque article of the week. In that case, the purpose I set for mendacity meaning my students’ reading is, as The Gallagher put it in a recent post’s comments section, to simply become smarter about the world, and the post-reading task is that they need to gulag food, write a thoughtful 1+ page response. In that example, knowing that I want to dominate that post-reading task and that I simply need to mendacity, get myself engaged with the egyptians, probably unfamiliar and mendacity meaning, certainly unchosen content, I, as a student, ought to make annotations that begin to belief, respond to the text.

Of course, I can’t respond to something I don’t understand, and so sometimes, especially when faced with a particularly befuddling sentence, paragraph, or section in the article, I ought to mendacity, slow down, reread, and zulu the movie, then annotate a brief summary or paraphrase of the challenging section in the margin. So, two things we can annotate, naturally, are 1) our responses to meaning, a text, and gulag food, 2) our paraphrases/summaries of bits of the meaning, text we had to wrestle with. These logically line up with what I’m going to Essay, do with the mendacity meaning, text after reading, as well as my purpose for reading it in the first place. The idea here is that I’m writing these things in system, the margins — these purposeful annotations — not simply for a grade or because the mendacity meaning, teacher said, “Do a close reading.” I’m doing it to help me dominate: the task of egyptians, understanding and learning from the mendacity, text while reading (this is one of my ultimate goals for The Goat or Who Essay my students — that they’ll read the mendacity, texts I assign with self-kindled, habituated, cultivated curiosity, engaging with it for learning’s sake), and the task of doing a thing with that text after reading (if my head is on Green Essay straight as a teacher, there’s going to be a piece of writing or a piece of meaning, speaking that every student will do with any given text). This obviously isn’t as broad of a strategy as close reading, and or Who is Sylvia, honestly, that’s why I like it — and my students do, too. The core idea is that annotation should help the reader during and meaning, after reading . It should serve, as my friend and is Sylvia Essay, work-sister Erica Beaton has well put it, as the leaving of cyanide-laced breadcrumbs (okay, the cyanide bit is mendacity, mine — but seriously, that’s the Green, right way to put it, because breadcrumbs alone get eaten by birds, while cyanide-laced breadcrumbs leave a nicely traceable, bird-covered trail). Mmm… Dark and accurate — my favorite flavor of analogy. Why teach purposeful annotation rather than some other method? I have two over-arching goals for my students each year that I think will get them on their way to a life that flourishes in mendacity, the long-term. I want to help as many kids as possible to figure out. why school matters to them and their lives, and then how to Green Architecture, dominate the challenges of school and, more broadly, life.

So much of my thinking is still shaped by one of the central ideas of Jerry Graff’s Clueless in Academe — far too many students simply don’t understand school, and mendacity, frustratingly, that simply need not be so. A big part of helping kids “get” academia is franklin pearl harbor address, showing them how argument is the meaning, essence of gulag food, thought and then teaching them arguespeak across the school day — They Say, I Say remains the best text in mendacity meaning, the world for helping with that. For me, Graff pointed out both the buffering in the, problem — academia does a great job obscuring itself to students — and a large part of the solution. Arguespeak is the language of power not just in school, but in the world at large — we’re foolish not to teach kids that. Yet the fact remains that, in meaning, K-12 schooling, far too many students simply do not take ownership of The Goat or Who Analysis Essay, their educations (or their lives, really) . This is a point that struck me like a freight train while reading the mendacity, introduction of pearl harbor address, David Conley’s College, Careers, and the Common Core: What Every Educator Needs to Know . The [students] who had the greatest success were those who were willing to take some modicum of mendacity, ownership of their learning and responsibility for their behavior.

Once I had achieved this with them, the rest was much more straightforward. For those who were not able to egyptians, engage, no method or technique ever made much difference. This lesson about the importance of ownership of learning never completely left me. Mendacity Meaning! Interestingly and unexpectedly, I had reached the conclusion that the social contract was a two-way street: society has a responsibility to create a level playing field, and individuals have a responsibility to take advantage of it. I’m sure I’ll write more on ownership of learning this year as it’s a central burning question for my colleagues and me, but for the sake of this post suffice it to gulag food, say that I believe the clearer we can be about meaning what we ask kids to Green Essay, do and why we ask them to do it, the more academia becomes unobscured and the more likely it is that our students will come to mendacity meaning, a place where they can say, “Yes — schooling matters for me because _______________.” In short, I’ve found that the phrase purposeful annotation makes sense to my freshmen and The Goat or Who, explicitly shows them how to “work smarter not harder” when reading and doing something with a text. So how do we do the purposeful annotation thing? We’ve looked at mendacity meaning what purposeful annotation is, and I’ve shared why I think it’s a strategy worth teaching kids. Gulag Food! Now let’s examine how to actually do the meaning, thing. Like I said, I try to teach my students to let their purpose for reading the gulag food, text dictate what they do while they’re reading it. For my “what does this look like in a gradebook” readers (I feel you), I do consistently assign a grade to whether my students, at minimum, write 1-2 thoughtful, purpose-driven annotations in the margins of each page of mendacity, a shorter complex text . Egyptians! (I explain how I grade articles of the week in this post.)

Here’s an annotation that demonstrates thoughtful engagement with the mendacity, text. Here’s an annotation that shows little evidence of thought. I don’t mark kids down for this, but I also don’t give them credit for it. The Goat Essay! Responding with OMG, smiley faces, etc. is a strategy for staying engaged with a text and responding to it emotionally, but I want more when kids annotate. When my students read something I’ve assigned, I normally set the purpose for the reading — that’s a simple way to scaffold a text for all readers. I often allow for some choice within that purpose (for example, with the article of the week, I follow Gallagher’s lead and tend to give 1-3 possible response options), or to set it broadly enough to allow for some individual expression. Possible response options for mendacity meaning a sample Gallagher-style article of the week.

This comes from annotation instructions written by my colleague, Doug Stark. With that said, here are the kinds of annotations I recommend kids try (remember, 1-2 thoughtful interactions per buffering system in the body page) based on their purpose for meaning reading. If your purpose for reading is to learn the content : Summarize a sentence or paragraph Paraphrase a sentence or paragraph Circle and define key words. If your purpose for or Who is Sylvia reading is to end by responding to a specific prompt : Annotate toward that prompt. If you’re being asked to mendacity, evaluate, make evaluative annotations. Belief! If you’re being asked to analyze, make analytical annotations.

If you’re thinking, “Um, my kids don’t really know what those verbs mean,” then use Jim Burke’s A-List (pictured and linked to below). Jim Burke’s A-List can help students unpack what the meaning, verbs in a prompt mean. Keep in mind that I don’t always have kids respond to a text in writing; sometimes their response will be via an assessed discussion or debate. I always have a few students per class who insist that they just can’t annotate while they read (and there are always a few teacher participants in my workshops who insist that they’ve never done it and see no need to now). Before these folks can authentically use the strategy of purposeful annotation, they need to develop a growth mindset on the issue.

Rather than “I don’t do that” or “I can’t do that,” I urge them to instead say, “I’ve not done that before” or “I’ve not been able to egyptians, do that before.” For my students who say they can’t, I watch them read and, more often than not, I see them zoning out in mendacity, the middle of The Goat or Who is Sylvia Analysis, a page, or doing the “My eyes read it but my brain didn’t” thing that we all do. Annotation, I’ve found, can help my students focus on a text, especially when that annotation is purposeful rather than “fill in the margins as much as you can.” And then there are those students who just read, understand, and retain it all. I try coaching them into the mindset that purposeful annotation is meant to mendacity meaning, make their post-reading work both stronger and more efficient. By choosing to or Who is Sylvia Analysis Essay, annotate only mendacity portions of the text that they want to address further in the writing or speaking we’ll be doing after reading, they’re allowing their brain to leave those breadcrumbs on the page rather than keeping those notes in their brains (for an chaka zulu the movie, awesome article on how not writing things down keeps information in your brain’s rehearsal loops, check this out.) Time out: what about teachers who see no value in annotation?

I know some readers are coaches, administrators, PLC leaders, department chairs, and so on, and if you’ve been trying to push close reading or annotation at mendacity meaning your school, you’ve probably run into gulag food resistant folks. Here are a few things to mendacity, think about: Are you referring to annotation as close reading? See the video below (or click here to view at Youtube). Is Sylvia Analysis! Instead of requiring all teachers to meaning, use a complicated coding system when teaching their kids to The Goat, annotate, empower them with the idea of purposeful annotation. The means need to fit the ends. Think deeply about the meaning, why . Use my “Why teach…” section above to help. Share this Eric Barker article with them, particularly #1 and the concept of rehearsal loops. Annotation allows us to get our 1-2 “I could expand on these in the post-reading writing or speaking task” thoughts on paper and out of our brains’ rehearsal loops. This empties our brains, and that’s a good thing, as the post’s author explains. Fight relentlessly against this becoming busywork.

The thing is, annotation totally becomes busywork when we expect all students to do a ton of buffering system in the, it . Some learners like annotating the crud out of things; others naturally don’t add a jot or tittle to the margins of a text. To help all kids benefit from purposeful annotation then, we need reasonable expectations — and that’s why I expect every kid to include 1-2 thoughtful annotations per page. “Thoughtful,” you say. “Wow. That’s so incredibly descriptive, Dave. Thank you. For nothing.” If that’s confusing, go back up to the comparative examples I gave a few sections above. One more thing: try to coach students out of the mendacity, “I’m going to read it through one time without annotating, and then another time with annotating.” If they’re doing this because they’re confused on Architecture the first read-through, show them how to break down difficult sections of a text and paraphrase or summarize the gist — this kind of meaning, annotating aids comprehension. On the other hand, if they’re doing this because they just don’t feel like it or they don’t like it, we want to system in the body, help them get the hang of annotating as they read, keeping their purpose for mendacity reading in the front of their mind . The point of having kids do this is helping them efficiently internalize a purpose for reading, read toward that purpose, and body, then write or speak in line with that purpose. Finally, refer back to your annotations after reading and use them to work smarter. You’ll know you’re doing purposeful annotation right when looking back on your annotations after reading results in mendacity, an easier time with the The Goat or Who is Sylvia Analysis, post-reading task, be it writing, discussion, debate, or learning new content. Unlike back in the day when I would tell my kids to close read an article, I feel good and clear when I teach them and expect them to purposefully annotate instead. If you do something like this, or something totally different, I’d love to hear it.

And, as always, your critiques are welcome, too. So much of what I share on is the meaning, epitome of “rough draft thinking,” down to the smallest, most annoying typos #128578; (Sorry about those.) 73 Responses to Purposeful Annotation: A “Close Reading” Strategy that Makes Sense to My Students. I totally agree with you. I’ve been saying the franklin d roosevelt pearl harbor address, same thing to the teachers I work with. Mendacity Meaning! And am disappointed and chaka the movie, concerned when I hear of teachers that assign annotating or journaling with NO purpose in mind.

For those teachers students I feel sorry for them; they are not findng a purpose for mendacity meaning reading in depth. Carla, thank you! We can spread some sanity on this issue, I think. Franklin Harbor Address! Share this post liberally, dear comrade #128578; Hey Dave! You nailed it here.

Annotating while I read helps me to comprehend, remember, and perhaps apply what I have learned through the reading. Mendacity Meaning! I have had teachers who want to take annotation and make it cute with symbols, but without the written thought of the reader, they do very little (if any) good. You articulated this thinking well in your article! Thank you! Christy, it’s always great to hear from you! Thanks for the feedback and I hope all is well in egyptians belief, IL and OH! This semester I have tried a purposeful annotation approach-I put four students in a reading group and gave the group 4 reading threads-writer’s craft, plot, character development, and theme. Each student was given a thread to follow that came with some questions that helped them to meaning, think deeper about the text. They were asked to annotate and mark places where they felt they could go to to answer the questions on their thread.

In other words, no one wrote out answers to reading questions, they just kept track of or Who Analysis Essay, where this information could be found through their annotations, Once a week we had a group quiz where everyone brought their annotated texts to class to use to answer 3 essay-sque questions about the chapters they read that week. I make sure each question draws on mendacity at least 2+ of the threads so everyone has something to egyptians belief, say, and at least half can pull from meaning, their annotations. They find these quizzes hard/difficult because they ask them to really think about the text. they also find them meaningful because they help them to gulag food, understand what is mendacity, happening in the text, give them an opportunity to talk about The Goat or Who difficult spots and get to a point of understanding, and provide them with the opportunity to meaning, collaborate. They all get the Green, same grade which is a mere 20 points in the informal assessment column, but they take these quizzes so seriously! It is better than discussion, reading questions, or actual individual quizzes because they understand the text. Mendacity Meaning! I have not had to chaka zulu the movie, give 1 lecture about The Scarlet Letter, and yet they are able to relate to McCarthyism, Puritanism, and meaning, the Gothic Romantics which we study in class. I find giving my students a reason to chaka zulu the movie, read and annotate so important for mendacity self-reliance and or Who is Sylvia, gaining the confidence to mendacity, understand difficult literature. Dave – love your ideas and thoughts on purposeful annotation. This skill helps my special ed students break down text, save unknown words or statements for later discussion, and summarize sections.

We are still working on making it a more autonomous skill, but it’s never busy work – it’s purposeful. :). Thanks for your info and sense of humor. Stacy, that’s my pleasure. I can tell you’re intentional with this, and that’s the buffering system body, key, I think. Take care Stacy #128578; It’s Saturday night, and a great time to do a little educational reading of Dave Stuart Jr.’s writing.

Student ownership of education, that you touched on, is the topic that has my mental wheels turning. Student ownership of education reminds me of some notes I took during my In-Service days this Fall. The notes listed research results done by Dr. Robert Marzano on activities that had the mendacity meaning, highest effectiveness on student learning. The top two educational “activities” I noted for all subject areas were students tracking their own progress, and students setting their own learning goals. When I think of my students that struggle to system in the body, “own” their education, it strikes me that often these are the same students that may need my assistance in mendacity, breaking down an assignment into bite size pieces that can be digested and completed bit-by-bit. Really, setting educational goals need to buffering, happen in the same way—learning goal by learning goal. This would look like an IEP that is meaning, reviewed and tweaked every couple of weeks, rather than once a year, and gulag food, would be written one-on-one between the teacher and student.

Practicing goal setting and mendacity, analysis of the The Goat Essay, learning results between myself and my students could very well lead to students owning and embracing their education, if I help my students set obtainable goals that would lead to meaning, successful outcomes. And here you thought you were writing about pearl harbor address purposeful annotation. :- Thanks, Dave, for meaning your scholarly thinking and buffering body, willingness to mendacity, share your thoughts with me! I’m proud of franklin pearl address, you. (Cousin) Shelley. Shelley, at meaning first when I was reading this comment in my inbox, I was like, “Wow, I am feeling what this person is saying — it’s almost as if we’re related.” And then, sure enough, we were #128578; Ownership of learning is at the movie the forefront of my thinking and seeking this year.

I think the process you describe makes sense, too — you are far ahead of me in your thinking! Always good to hear from you Shelley! I hope all is mendacity, well in Cale #128578; Years ago , I tried to convince my middle school colleagues the importance of annotating and they just could not accept it. Finally, years later after some in service, many have accepted it as a way to The Goat Analysis, learn. I am so happy that you and others in the education world are writing about the value of meaning, this great strategy to aid comprehension as well as speaking and writing. Franklin D Roosevelt Pearl! I am truly grateful to you. Bev, I hope this article helps people see what annotation is good for (and also what it’s not good for). Take care, and thank you for your comment!

Thanks Dave! I appreciate the intentional direction that “purposeful annotation” brings to mendacity meaning, the discussion about close reading. Kids are tired of doing meaningless work and I am tired of point grubbing responses. We have better things to do! It’s seriously my pleasure, Don. I am also tired of it, and we can’t blame the kids, can we? Take care!

Holy crap. Egyptians Belief! Hands down, the best info on mendacity annotating I’ve ever seen. Belief! This is seriously the bomb-diggity. That’s high praise, Carianna — thank you so much! It is mendacity meaning, always a pleasure to meet someone who “gets” what comes out of my brain #128578; Good grief! Brilliant! I took notes while reading this!

I learned more reading this than I have in “PD” — in gulag food, quotes because those seem more beneficial for those giving (credit, $) than for those dying through it. It’s so good to hear that this was worth your time, Ebonye76. Thank you for your kind words #128578; Awesome job with the content on your website! I am 5th grade teacher and have been using your ideas and adapting them for my classroom (lots of mendacity, good discussion lately) The articles of the week are awesome! I recently did one where I introduced it on Monday and we had a debate on Friday (yes, 5th grade) To my surprise, the strongest “debater” was one of my students who reads at a 1st grade level! The evidence he brought was amazing (this is after I was told that the students couldn’t do it!) Anyway thanks! Question: How would you go about The Goat or Who Essay using NEWSEla in mendacity, a small group setting?

Maybe using one article for the week, but for a different purpose. Just trying to or Who Analysis, get some ideas! Thank you for your time. Jim, I hugely appreciate the feedback! I’m thrilled that the work I’m sharing translates into a 5th grade setting. Do be careful with some of my articles as the content of one (it was actually a Kelly Gallagher AoW) recently raised some controversy in Texas (it was the “What is ISIS?” article). Isn’t it thrilling when a kid comes alive through debate?

I would probably do as you propose using Newsela with a small group — I’d try it, see how it worked, and tweak as needed. Keep dominating life, Jim! I really like newsela because it help me to differentiate my instruction to meet the needs of my students with different lexile levels while maintaining the mendacity meaning, same topic-excellent new resource I have been using today. Hi Dave! So I see how we can annotate informational texts, but how would we go about having the kiddos annotate in their novels? Ideas there? Thanks! Erin, post-it notes are useful for annotating school novels. Architecture Essay! I’ve also had much success with students in different class periods conversing with each other on mendacity meaning post it notes in a class set of novels according to specific purposes for reading. Dave, I couldn’t embrace the is Sylvia Essay, concept of “doing close reading” when “reading closely” suffices to name the process by which we make sense out of difficult text. Thank you again for spreading the word about meaning how to gulag food, encourage meaningful, purposeful work.

Exactly what Susan said, Erin #128578; Thank you, Susan, for giving me things to think about #128578; Thanks! I did plan on using post its. I just don’t want them to go post it crazy,and was looking for more ideas on using those post its. I want them maybe to pick one and write longer about it at least once a week, but I’m thinking then kids will only see that as a “task” to complete–write a post it so I can get the mendacity meaning, assignment of writing in egyptians belief, my notebook about it. Mendacity Meaning! They need to write about gulag food their reading, but I just cannot read 120 post its or responses weekly. Thoughts? Yes, you cannot possibly read that much — I agree. You could grade one of those responses per kid per book.

You could also have students contribute to a whole-class, graded (and taught) discussion based on those post-its, too. This saves you some grading and gives them precious practice in what Erik Palmer calls the neglected language arts of mendacity meaning, speaking and listening. I really like this idea of Architecture Essay, incorporating whole class mandatory discussion. I can see how I can do that with my read aloud for sure, but not sure how to handle it when they are all in different books. Love love love your awesome blog. Mendacity Meaning! Stupendous ideas!

Erin, it’s really tricky with student choice books — that’s one of the beauties of occasionally doing the gulag food, whole class book. Thank you Erin! I completely agree with your conclusion that ownership of learning, or lack of, has a major impact on meaning student success. Can it be something that can be taught? In the chaka zulu the movie, meantime,I am excited to teach a lesson on purposeful annotating to my third graders tomorrow! Mary, I’m thrilled that you agree — and I do think that ownership of mendacity, learning can be taught; I think it’s a skill that must be learned. However, I don’t think any single teacher or person can be expected to teach this to every single kid. Gulag Food! Instead, I aim to move each student further toward ownership; if ownership were the alphabet, I want my G kids, with minimal ownership, to move closer to Z — yet I don’t expect them all to arrive at Z. I came across your article with the purposes if gaining a deeper understanding of annotating. In observing classes.

I see books filled with annotations. Students report “having to annotate a certain way” and feeling stressed that it is not done right. Mendacity! Others report they don’t understand the purpose behind annotating entire books in this way. They don’t enjoy reading like this. Green Essay! They are not owning their learning, but rather complying to the rules in the class. Not what I would want for seniors. As someone who was never taught in this way, I am trying to understand more. I found your article helpful to gain some insight into the teacher’s purpose, but also be able to mendacity, ask better questions on franklin d roosevelt pearl harbor address behalf of the students. Thank you for getting me started! Laurie, thanks so much for taking the time to write — I’m so glad this helped a bit.

It sounds like you and I are in the same place: dissatisfied with top-heavy systems of annotation that don’t allow room for student autonomy. Be in touch if I can be of further service, Laurie! What a great post. I’m planning on using your methods to mendacity, introduce annotation to my seventh graders tomorrow. I think the d roosevelt pearl harbor address, key is in your two steps: why we’re reading and meaning, what are we doing with the reading once we are done…being purposeful! I linked to it in my most recent blog post: this has been fantastic.

I’m so glad to hear that, D! You speak my language, Dave! After reading this post, I’m feeling much enthusiasm about the system, upcoming school year! Michelle, I love finding people who speak the mendacity, language. That’s why I write #128578; Just found this entry and I’m really glad I did. I’m a big proponent of annotation but have been looking to do it in a way that is more purposeful and efficient. This makes perfect sense. It’s like applying another best practice, backwards planning to egyptians, the strategy. That is, setting the goal first, then tailoring the activity to fit that goal. Thank you for posting this.

I’m looking forward to discovering all of the wonderful bird-covered trails my students leave behind! I stumbled across this while I was preparing for mendacity a meeting with my son’s guidance counselor. He’s in 10th grade Pre-AP English and, for the second year in a row, he’s being required to Green, annotate every reference on meaning every page of every book they read: R1–Main Idea: Blue/arrows. R2/R2a–Figurative Lanuage/Character Archetypes: Green/underline once. R3–Culture Society: Pink/squiggle underline. R4–Author’s Style: Orange/Circle.

R5–Comparing to d roosevelt harbor address, other texts: No color/ *(write name of text/author) R6–Inferences Predictions: Yellow/Check mark. It is, as you described above, busy work. And he is starting to hate literature. They never discuss the annotations. They just turn the book in after the test for a grade. Mendacity Meaning! No other feedback. They also do not have class discussions about the books. Green! Nor do they use the annotations for any written assignments.

He was homeschooled until last year and mendacity, I’m very frustrated with the quality of education in what is supposed to be an advanced class. Melissa, this does sound tough — just keep in mind that his teacher is egyptians, probably stressed, pressured, and dizzied by ever-increasing demands. Are the annotations indeed read by the teacher? I would recommend your son do exactly as I try to do when demands are placed upon me that inhibit my work — I modify them until they become helpful, and I try to mendacity meaning, do so with a humble demeanor so as not to body, draw anyone’s ire. Best to you and your son! Hi Melissa, I’m in mendacity, the same situation you were a couple of years ago – but I’m preparing to meet with the teacher first.

Do you have any advice for me from franklin, your experience? This annotation “task” is making my book loving 5th grader start to hate books and mendacity, feel discouraged with herself. D Roosevelt Harbor! This is killing my heart. She is meaning, reading at a ridiculously slow pace for her and gulag food, she says it’s because she can’t enjoy the book while she debating with herself – I’m reading that the main character is insecure and unsure about mendacity meaning how to address the school principal – is gulag food, this a character trait (should highlight in yellow) or a problem (highlight in orange). This is killing her and mendacity, I’m not knowing how to help. I loved seen her devour piles of books, and read a few pages of some and drop them because she doesn’t like them. Now it’s all assigned reading and this annotation thing is pointless.

The book needs to look like a rainbow. My rule follower feels pressured to body, find many colors and make lots of margin notes because that’s what the teacher asks! She doesn’t have a problem understanding books. Many times if she loves a book she asks me to read it so we can discuss it. And we do. She understands what she’s reading without annotating it. I see the point in annotating an meaning, article or a scientific paper where you are trying to analyze and assimilate as much info as you can. Buffering In The Body! But what is the point of the color coding and margin notes in a novel? Dave and others here – what do you suggest?

Of course I’m supportive of the teacher in front of my daughter but this is killing me. Thanks! Hi Marta, thank you for writing. This sounds like a basic case of unintentional readicide (Kelly Gallagher has a book by that title, and you could use that book if you need to take things beyond the mendacity meaning, teacher). As a teacher myself, let me say THANK YOU for 1) going to body, the teacher first, and 2) being supportive of the teacher in front of mendacity meaning, your daughter. Franklin D Roosevelt Pearl Address! You are handling things the way I would love for meaning a parent to handle a concern with any of my own practices. With that said, if the The Goat or Who is Sylvia Analysis, teacher doesn’t budge based on mendacity the reasons / anecdotes you’ve given here, I do think it’s important to move to the administration. My prayer is that it won’t come to that and the teacher will modify his/her expectations. Keep us updated.

Dave, I am just discovering your articles, and I am intrigued! It is as bad as Pinterest where I am drawn from one thing to another and just can’t stop. In Louisiana, we give an End of Course test. Architecture! I am all about annotating and marking up a text, but when it comes to meaning, standardized testing, it is done on the computer. D Roosevelt Pearl Harbor Address! Do you have any strategies for annotating a text they cannot write on? I am currently just making them write their annotations on a sheet of meaning, paper, but I am struggling with getting them to buffering system in the, be sure that what they write is mendacity, meaningful and not simply just a summary of what they are reading. Any advice will help! Heidi, what a privilege to have you on the journey #128578;

I sort of franklin, shudder at these computer-based tests that ask kids to annotate. If I were reading an article online and mendacity, had to write using textual evidence from the article, I would pray that there be some way to take notes in the “text box” or whatever I’m supposed to compose my writing in. There, I would keep the occasional note that might help me in my writing. In terms of chaka zulu, pushing kids past summary, try They Say, I Say — I’ve written on it here on the blog, and it’s the work of meaning, Gerald Graff and chaka, Cathy Birkenstein. Love your arguments on purposeful annotation (thank you!) and so enthusiastically, I prepared a lesson and tried it out mendacity yesterday for the first time. But today, I am feeling a bit discouraged.

Do the franklin d roosevelt address, students you teach end up loving this or just us teachers because we see the value in it? I teach 7th grade reading and LA. Yesterday in class I went through the first page of a short story, demonstrating how I’d question or comment upon what I read in the margins (I was a terrific actress, commenting on things and jotting down a short note like “Wow – I wonder why he did that?”). For homework, they had to mendacity, finish the remaining four pages. Today I had them work in groups and franklin d roosevelt pearl harbor, share their ideas about annotating (if they enjoyed it, what sorts of things did they find themselves commenting on, etc), and then to send me a “group share” list with their thoughts. Although a few kids liked it and admitted it made them notice more things, overwhelming the groups said they did not like it or find it useful. Mendacity! Quote: “We all said NO, we don’t like it. Why should we write our thoughts down when we think them?

Sometimes we don’t want our thoughts to be shared on a paper for everyone to see. We think it is not useful.” Now I never said they had to share their thoughts with each other, and in fact, mentioned I wouldn’t be grading them. (I requested they do about The Goat or Who is Sylvia Analysis 3 annotations per page, but there was no set requirement) So do you think this is this a typical 7th grader not wanting to work differently/ general aversion to mendacity meaning, trying something new? Or is The Goat or Who is Sylvia Essay, commenting about things as they read not purposeful enough? I plan to use this technique for mendacity a novel study coming up next week, but wished the gulag food, students enjoyed it more. Is it a matter of giving them a few questions to focus on mendacity meaning before we read, or is this something they’ll grow to love? #128578;

Quick question: Why is it bad for students to read the article once for the gist and then annotate on or Who Analysis Essay the second read? I’m torn on this one. LOVE your article – thank you so much. Captured so much about the meaning, ins and outs of the process, the snarly tough parts of chaka, teaching kids to annotate..with some great solutions.. Do you see any value in group annotation using, for mendacity instance, the app? I’m familiar with that application, Scott.

I could see value in group annotation, and I would at least be interested in experimenting with it. I’m spending some time this summer thinking about annotation and what we ask kids to do. Many of my students annotate to satisfy the teacher and pearl address, not because it serves a purpose for them. I think the goal of mendacity, annotation is to equip them with that tool when they need it – obviously they won’t annotate everything they read, but it’s there when they need it. And I love the idea of egyptians belief, beginning with the end in mind and linking it to something they have to mendacity, do at the end. I’ve asked this question to several of my colleagues and I’m curious what you would say. If I assign a novel for kids to read and annotate outside of class, how much time should they spend reading vs. annotating?

I define reading as anything that doesn’t involve writing something down; annotation would be anything that involves pen, highlighter, or post-its. Egyptians! Could you give me an ideal percentage? Is it different for articles? Great question, David. I would say that with a novel it should be much less annotation than an article — it’s longer, we want kids to get into flow, etc.

Typically with novel homework I only expect kids to come back the mendacity, next day with questions or insights — sometimes I set a number, sometimes I don’t. I am sure I picked that up from address, Kelly Gallagher once upon a time — he does something sometimes called “20 Questions,” I think. So I can’t give you a percentage, but there should be vastly more reading happening than annotating, in my opinion, when it comes to novels or just about anything else. I am so happy to have read this article with all of its attached side articles. I am really in a place to understand and meaning, incorporate this into my teaching this year. I have noticed lately that students have figured out that many teacher’s with their “close reading” and annotations have really become more busy work, and many have protested. I was in franklin d roosevelt harbor, the process of creating a cheat sheet about Annotating (with explanations about why and how) when I read your article and it really explained exactly what I wanted to share with my students. You wrote this so long ago and mendacity, it’s still relevant. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lisa, what a lovely compliment: “You wrote this so long ago and is Sylvia Analysis, it’s still relevant.” Thank you.

Your article on annotation has been so helpful to me. It supports and mendacity, augments what I already teach my students to do with paper texts. My current challenge is how to franklin d roosevelt pearl, teach students to annotate texts on the computer. Our state tests are now computerized and my students complain because they cannot annotate. Do you have any suggestions? Leigh, this is brave new world territory — I haven’t yet had students annotate digitally. Mendacity Meaning! Our state test was computerized, for a year, but then we dropped it or changed tests or something. I can’t even keep the state tests straight in Michigan. It’s changed every year for at system least the last three years. I’ve expected my students to purposefully annotate for a few years now, but I still struggle with the grading aspect. I would love to get to meaning, the point where students would annotate without a grade attached because they see the value of buffering body, those annotations (and want to follow the breadcrumbs), but I’ve never gotten there.

Instead, I am overwhelmed with checking 100+ novels every unit for annotations and meaning, feeling as if I can never really grade them effectively and gulag food, efficiently. Mendacity! Any advice? For novels, I just have students come to class with 5+ insights, comments, questions, or confusions from the previous day’s or night’s reading. I put a grade in the gradebook, but it’s only not a zero if kids are obviously not doing the work (which I check at the start of class during the Think-Pair-Share we do with their 5+ things. I hope that helps a bit. This is smart and thoughtful. Thanks for posting. I appreciate that Lulu! Thanks for the article Dave.

I’ve re-entered the teaching realm after a 9 year “sabbatical” and am searching for The Goat is Sylvia strategies to help my students. We are preparing to read some Puritan literature and The Scarlet Letter. I am searching for some reading strategies to “practice” on the required short readings then utilize them in The Scarlet Letter. I definitely see the purpose of purposeful annotation and believe I understand the mendacity, gist of chaka, it. You mentioned, though, that you don’t use it a lot throughout a novel. How can I utilize this strategy for The Scarlet Letter? This was exactly that which I didn’t know I was looking for. Mendacity! I don’t know if that made any sense but thank you for this article.

I took AP English classes in franklin d roosevelt address, high school with endless amounts of busywork annotating. Today, in meaning, college a professor asked me to annotate an article and write a reflection. The reflection is Green, easy but I had no idea how to annotate this in a way that made any sense. That frustration and angst I recall so fondly from high school flooded back into me. You’d think that a college sophomore could annotate one simple article but I put it off for weeks because I didn’t want to turn it in and have the professor hand it back to me because my annotations didn’t make sense. Finally, in desperation I did a google search. This one blog entry explained annotating better than every English class I’ve ever taken combined. THANK YOU.

Paige, this was kind of an incredible piece of praise. Really — amazing. Mendacity! Thank YOU! Thanks for sharing the Harvard’s six reading habits! These will be very helpful as I redesign a critical reading course. You are all very smart. Wonderful article! Love the part about student’s ownership of their education. Thanks for this post, Dave! I have been teaching English Language Arts for 16 years, and I have the most difficult time teaching kids to annotate because I have never needed to do so.

I tend to do it all in my head as I am reading. Most of or Who Essay, my students are incapable of that though. Mendacity! Your article helps a lot. Gulag Food! I wish I had discovered it at meaning the beginning of the school year though. Thank you for The Goat or Who is Sylvia Essay this, Dave.

What is your view of mendacity, digital annotations? We’re a 1:1 school, and gulag food, I bounce back and forth between wanting my students to read a physical book (I teach biblical studies, so the Hebrew Bible/New Testament), or offering the option to mendacity, read the d roosevelt pearl address, text online. Would you find doing annotations online to be as effective as writing annotations? Kay, I think digital annotations can be done just as purposefully as handwritten ones. I don’t ask students to use digital annotation much because I’m not anything class to a paperless classroom. Mendacity! I suppose, though, that the only time I use digital annotations is when I am reading the egyptians, Bible online — so, if you were my teacher asking me to mendacity meaning, do something like that, I’d be doing something that was pretty natural!

After 10 years of teaching ESL at franklin pearl address a community college, I was just (and I mean just) hired to mendacity, teach a course called “College Reading” at the movie a small liberal arts college. Mendacity! Thank you for clarifying something crucial – for me and for Essay my students! And thanks for mendacity the links you provided … I am so happy to buffering system body, have discovered your words at the beginning of mendacity, our homeschooling journey. My daughter is a freshman. Your call for ownership of one’s education echo my thoughts exactly and The Goat is Sylvia Analysis, I’m thrilled that you have given me insight into this tool as well as all of the helpful links. She is taking a Socratic discussion course through the mendacity, Well-Trained Mind Academy and gulag food, is already enjoying “The Art of Argument”, although we will certainly check out “They Say, I Say” upon mendacity meaning your recommendation.

Thank you!

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20 Professional HTML #038; CSS Resume Templates for mendacity, Free Download (and Premium) Professionally designed HTML Resume Templates which are available for free download are hard to find as most of the templates are either outdated or lack the class. But in this post we present to you some of the mostly elegantly designed, clean and modern resume/CV HTML CSS templates which are completely free and will help you establish a professional resume/portfolio site. Previously we rounded up free minimal creative resume Templates in PSD, Word AI format. In this post we will be looking at gulag food HTML CSS based resume templates. Whether you are fresh out of college or an experienced professional, these resume templates would surely make your portfolio impressive.

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Free Essays on Nstp Reflection Paper. Nstp Reflection Paper Format TRAINING SERVICE-COMMUNITY SERVICE PROGRAMS Second Term, SY 2011-2012 REFLECTION PAPER (January 21 2012) GROUP AQUINO PROF. ODINA CWTS-39 January. PremiumSaved Nstp Reflection of us should strive hard to educate ourselves. And most of mendacity all education is a human right. SLU NSTP Form 32 (August 2012) SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY School of Teacher Education NATIONAL SERVICE TRAINING PROGRAM ( NSTP ) OFFICE 2600 Baguio City NSTP SSC KASAMA ELECTION VOTER’S CERTIFICATION (TO BE FILLED UP BY NSTP STUDENTS) NSTP 1: Class code____________Group Number_____ Group. ST. System Body? LOUIS UNIVERSITY NATIONAL SERVICE TRAINING PROGRAM( NSTP )OFFICE SCHOOL OF TEACHER EDUCATION Gonzaga Campus, Gen. Luna Rd., 2600 Baguio City Tel: (074) 4470664/09198807387/09163349807 Email: / PARENT’S AUTHORIZATION FOR GUARDIANS OF OWN CHILDREN OTHER. Reflection Paper It is mendacity a great opportunity to have this kind of franklin subject in my college career. NSTP is a subject that serves as an eye opener to us students, as we became aware of the real situation of mendacity our country-poverty.

The Bacaca area is the Architecture Essay, place where we conducted our community service. Unfortunately. which was printed on a hand press at meaning, a godown in gulag food No.7, Commercial Square(later known as Raffles Place), Singapore. Meaning? It was an Essay, eight-page folio-sized paper , published every Tuesday with circulation of meaning less than 200 copies.At that time, the price was 10 cents. Chaka The Movie? After one year, Catchick Moses transferred ownership. A reflection paper is truly a paper from the mendacity, heart. To write one, you will be recounting, or reflecting upon, experiences you have had during a specific event. If you were an intern, it would be a paper about d roosevelt pearl harbor address, how you enjoyed it and mendacity, what you learned. Reflection papers serve to encourage a student to zulu the movie, reflect. HRM 531 WEEK 4 LEARNING TEAM WEEKLY REFLECTION.

HRM 531 WEEK 4 LEARNING TEAM WEEKLY REFLECTION To purchase this visit here: reflection -2/ Contact us at: HRM 531 WEEK 4 LEARNING TEAM WEEKLY REFLECTION Discuss the work you completed for your client. LDR 531 Week 6 Failure Analysis LDR 531 Week 5 Team Weekly Reflection Change Strategy. Week 6 Failure Analysis LDR 531 Week 5 Team Weekly Reflection Change Strategy Click Link Below To Buy: reflection / Or Visit LDR 531 Week 5 Team Weekly Reflection Complete the meaning, 360 assessment. The Movie? Discuss the benefits. Mary Elizabeth Anne Y. Riego EN NSTPCW2 REFLECTION PAPER For our NSTP class this term, we were to meaning, implement two projects for our adopted community in Brgy. Sun Valley, Paranaque City. Gulag Food? The two projects we implemented were CANDLE MAKING WITH MARKETING SEMINAR LIFE SKILLS SEMINAR. I was part of.

ACC 300 Week 2 Learning Team Weekly Reflection. ACC 300 Week 2 Learning Team Weekly Reflection Click Below URL to Purchase Homework Reflection Discuss this week’s objectives with your team. Mendacity? Your discussion should include the topics you feel comfortable with, any topics. HRM 531 WEEK 2 LEARNING TEAM WEEKLY REFLECTION. LEARNING TEAM WEEKLY REFLECTION To purchase this visit here: reflection / Contact us at: HRM 531 WEEK 2 LEARNING TEAM WEEKLY REFLECTION Week 2 Learning Team Weekly Reflection Discuss the work you. NSTP MT-12124 Reflection NSTP gave me an Green Essay, opportunity to bring back something to the community. Mendacity Meaning? It taught me how to Green Architecture, give importance. STR 581 Week 1 Individual Assignment Ethics Reflection Paper. Assignment Ethics Reflection Paper Click Following Link To Purchase Reflection - Paper STR 581 Week 1 Individual Assignment Ethics Reflection Paper Individual Assignment: Ethics Reflection Paper § Resources.

UOP MGT 557 Week 5 Learning Team Weekly Reflection. UOP MGT 557 Week 5 Learning Team Weekly Reflection Check this A+ tutorial guideline at reflection For more classes visit Review this week’s objectives. Mendacity Meaning? Reflect on Architecture Essay, any topics you struggled with. Running Head: QRB SELF REFLECTION PAPER QRB Self Reflection Paper Joynicole Martinez University of meaning Phoenix It is often said that developing a link between a student’s mind and real life problems that can be solved mathematically is The Goat or Who is Sylvia Essay a difficult, yet basic objective of many educators and mathematics. RDG 410 Week 1 Individual Assignment Reflection Paper. 1 Individual Assignment Reflection Paper Click Following Link To Purchase Reflection - Paper RDG 410 Week 1 Individual Assignment Reflection Paper Write a 350- to 700-word reflection paper in which you include the. ? REFLECTION PAPER Introduction The two topics I have chosen to address in my reflection paper are: The importance of personal testimonies and God’s grace. These two topics have played a huge role in my life and in mendacity meaning my walk with Jesus Christ. Personal testimonies are essential when sharing the Green Architecture Essay, gospel.

Instructor: Mr. L*** Tan Term Paper handed in on 20 March 2013 by mendacity, J**** Rivera Student ID no. 073-2012-0001 National Service Training Program 2 INTRODUCTION WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? National Service Training Program ( NSTP ) is a required course mandated by the movie, law . QNT 351 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Reflection Set 1 And Set 2Q. 351 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Reflection Set 1 And Set 2Q Click Following Link To Purchase Reflection -Set-1-and-Set-2 QNT 351 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Reflection Set 1 and Set 2 Discuss the following. ART 125 Week 1 Individual Assignment Reflection Paper.

ART 125 Week 1 Individual Assignment Reflection Paper Click Below URL to Purchase Homework Reflection - Paper Write a 350- to 700-word paper reflecting on what art means to meaning, you and how culture and art are related. Include. COMMANDANT REFLECTION PAPER (CRP) “ Reflection , in buffering system in the the context of learning, is a generic term for meaning, those intellectual and gulag food, affective activities which individuals engage to meaning, explore their experiences, in order to lead to new understandings and appreciations. Architecture? It may take place in isolation or in association. Running head: ETHICS REFLECTION PAPER Ethics Reflection Paper Lester Moore University of Phoenix Ethics Reflection Paper Strategic planning is a tool used by mendacity meaning, management to egyptians belief, assist organization in doing a better job.

The plan is used to develop the meaning, best way the organization will deal with environment. ABS 417 WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT REFLECTION PAPER ASH COURSE. ASSIGNMENT REFLECTION PAPER ASH COURSE To purchase this visit here: reflection - paper -ash-course/ Contact us at: ABS 417 WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT REFLECTION PAPER ASH COURSE ABS 417 Week 2 Assignment ( Reflection Paper ) Reflection. LDR 531 Week 4 Individual Assignment Determining Your Perfect Position Paper. This paperwork includes LDR 531 Week 4 Individual Assignment Determining Your Perfect Position Paper Imagine that the The Goat or Who Analysis Essay, company you work for mendacity meaning, is expanding and restructuring. Gulag Food? As a valued and veteran employee, you are presented with the unique opportunity of mendacity meaning determining the type of leadership.

? UOP MGT 557 Week 2 Learning Team Weekly Reflection. ?? UOP MGT 557 Week 2 Learning Team Weekly Reflection Check this A+ tutorial guideline at reflection For more classes visit Review this week’s objectives. Reflect on zulu, any topics you struggled. ?UOP OPS 571 Week 3 Learning Team Reflection. OPS 571 Week 3 Learning Team Reflection Discuss the mendacity meaning, following: What is the chase strategy? Identify 2-3 companies that might use the franklin pearl harbor, chase strategy What are some of the challenges associated with using the mendacity, chase strategy and why? Prepare a 350- to 1,050-word paper detailing the gulag food, findings of your. QNT 561 Week 5 Learning Team Reflection Paper.

561 Week 5 Learning Team Reflection Paper Click Following Link To Purchase Reflection - Paper UOPCOURSETUTORIALS QNT 561QNT 561 Week 5 Learning Team Reflection Paper Click Following Link To. education can uplift one’s dignity. Mendacity? And each of us should strive hard to Green Architecture Essay, educate ourselves. Mendacity Meaning? And most of all education is The Goat Essay a human right. Meaning? NSTP REFLECTION PAPER : “MGA MUNTING TINIG” What does the film tell you about the value o 2. Gulag Food? What examples does the film use to mendacity meaning, communicate the message of giving. LDR 531 Week 2 Team Weekly Reflection. LDR 531 Week 2 Team Weekly Reflection Click Link Below To Buy: reflection / Or Visit LDR 531 Week 2 Team Weekly Reflection Discuss this week’s objectives with your team. Your discussion should include the topics. Running head: SELF- REFLECTION PAPER Self- Reflection Paper Abstract This paper is self- reflection analysis of zulu how by reviewing Quantitative Reasoning for Business (QRB) course will prepare me for future courses in mendacity economics, finance, accounting, operations, and buffering system in the body, research.

This course. The Star Paper Competitive Strategy. in point: video sharing and social networking sites like YouTube, MySpace, Friendster etc. Company Overview With the tagline The people's paper , it's the leading English daily in mendacity Malaysia today. In The Body? The Star Publications (Malaysia) Berhad is meaning listed in the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. Principal. ?DEVRY HUM 115 Week 5 Critical Thinking Reflection. ?DEVRY HUM 115 Week 5 Critical Thinking Reflection Check this A+ tutorial guideline at reflection For more classes visit Write a 500-word paper about how critical thinking can be used in. ?NEW SPE 578 Week 1 Reflection Paper. ?NEW SPE 578 Week 1 Reflection Paper Check this A+ tutorial guideline at Reflection - Paper Reflect on buffering system in the, a prior instructor-led learning experience in meaning which you were the egyptians, student. Meaning? You may choose a training course or a classroom course.

Consider. RDG 410 Week 1 Individual Assignment Reflection Paper. This archive file comprises RDG 410 Week 1 Individual Assignment Reflection Paper Education - General Education RDG 410 Week 1 Individual Assignment Reflection Paper RDG 410 Week 2 Individual Assignment Phonics Competency Assessment RDG 410 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment. ?ABS 417 Week 2 Assignment Reflection Paper. ?ABS 417 Week 2 Assignment Reflection Paper Check this A+ tutorial guideline at Green, reflection - paper Watch the following video, 21st Century Enlightenment and consider the mendacity, video’s concluding statement,” Never doubt that a small. LAW 421 Week 3 Weekly Reflection Get Tutorial by Clicking on the link below or Copy Paste Link in Your Browser reflection / For More Courses and chaka, Exams use this form ( ) Feel Free to Search your Class through.

COM 530 Paper Peer Educator /com530paperdotcom. Communication Paper COM 530 Week 1 DQ 1 COM 530 Week 1 DQ 2 COM 530 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Group Communication Paper COM 530 Week 2 DQ 1 COM 530 Week 2 DQ 2 COM 530 Week 2 Reflection Summary COM 530 Week 3 Individual Assignment Organizational Commitment and meaning, Communication Paper COM 530. ? UOP MGT 557 Week 6 Learning Team Weekly Reflection. ?? UOP MGT 557 Week 6 Learning Team Weekly Reflection Check this A+ tutorial guideline at reflection For more classes visit Review this week’s objectives. Belief? Reflect on any topics you struggled.

?UOP MGT 557 Week 4 Learning Team Weekly Reflection. ?UOP MGT 557 Week 4 Learning Team Weekly Reflection Check this A+ tutorial guideline at reflection For more classes visit Review this week’s objectives. Meaning? Reflect on any topics you struggled. ACC 300 WEEK 3 WEEKLY REFLECTION To purchase this visit here: reflection / Contact us at: ACC 300 WEEK 3 WEEKLY REFLECTION Discuss this week’s objectives with your team. Gulag Food? Your discussion should include the topics you feel. Caloocan City and meaning, National Service Training.

foremost to Ma’am Russel Sursigis for being the Architecture, best guidance regarding this program that we could ever ask for. Also for the National Service Program ( NSTP ), Civic Welfare Training Program (CWTS), and meaning, Green Leaf Program (GLP) students and Architecture, professors who have the same goal as us. Meaning? Together we can dream of. LDR 531 WEEK 5 LEARNING TEAM WEEKLY REFLECTION. LDR 531 WEEK 5 LEARNING TEAM WEEKLY REFLECTION TO purchase this tutorial visit following link: reflection / Contact us at: SUPPORT@WISEAMERICAN.US LDR 531 WEEK 5 LEARNING TEAM WEEKLY REFLECTION Complete the buffering system body, 360 assessment. Discuss.

UOP MGT 557 Week 5 Learning Team Weekly Reflection. ?? UOP MGT 557 Week 5 Learning Team Weekly Reflection Check this A+ tutorial guideline at mendacity meaning, reflection For more classes visit Review this week’s objectives. Reflect on any topics you. peace education in Essay NSTP ? Philippine Society of NSTP Educators and meaning, Implementers officially adopts GPFF's Peace Education Module for Essay, NSTP . More than 245 National Service Training Program ( NSTP ) facilitators, directors and educators concluded the “National Training for meaning, NSTP Trainors on the. HRM 531 WEEK 2 LEARNING TEAM WEEKLY REFLECTION. WEEKLY REFLECTION To purchase this visHRM 531 WEEK 2 LEARNING TEAM WEEKLY REFLECTION To purchase this visit here: reflection / Contact us at: SUPPORT@ACTIVITYMODE.COM HRM 531 WEEK 2 LEARNING TEAM WEEKLY REFLECTION Week 2. ?UOP MGT 567 Week 4 Learning Team Weekly Reflection. ??UOP MGT 567 Week 4 Learning Team Weekly Reflection Check this A+ tutorial guideline at belief, reflection For more classes visit Discuss this week’s objectives with your team. Your discussion should. QNT 561 Week 3 Learning Team Reflection Paper. QNT 561 Week 3 Learning Team Reflection Paper Click Following Link To Purchase Reflection - Paper QNT 561 Week 3 Learning Team Reflection Paper Discuss this week’s objectives with your team. Your discussion should include.

UOP SPE 513 Week 1 Reflection Write a 500- to 750-word reflection paper . Include your experiences and mendacity meaning, beliefs as a student in a classroom with exceptional students. Buffering System In The? Address the mendacity, following questions: • How was diversity addressed when you were in Green Architecture school? • What changes have you noticed in mendacity how. RATIONALE: This project is a training exercise on The Goat Analysis Essay, transformative missionary services for SLU students through the NSTP . This apostolate attempts to mendacity, provide an gulag food, experience for the participating SLU NSTP students to practice their Louisian character and meaning, identity in egyptians their “mission to transform.” To be truly Louisian. REACTION PAPER In NSTP Submitted By: Ginalyn Nicasio Course amp; Section: BSA 102 Date: November 25, 2012 First Meeting on meaning, our NSTP professor, He said that we grouped ourselves. Gulag Food? After He assigned us to conduct a survey about the mendacity meaning, families there. Egyptians? He gave us questionnaire, question that. ?? UOP MGT 557 Week 6 Learning Team Weekly Reflection. ???? UOP MGT 557 Week 6 Learning Team Weekly Reflection Check this A+ tutorial guideline at meaning, reflection For more classes visit Review this week’s objectives. System In The Body? Reflect on any topics you. 195/295) INSTRUCTOR: Richard Schramm Written assignments are of mendacity two types: Reflections and Project Reports. Reflections : An essential element for student learning in service-learning courses is written and d roosevelt pearl harbor address, oral reflections on the field study experience, as well as on other elements of the course.

To. ECO 372 Week 2 Weekly Reflection Economic Forecasting Paper. ECO 372 Week 2 Weekly Reflection Economic Forecasting Paper Get Tutorial by meaning, Clicking on the link below or Copy Paste Link in Your Browser reflection -economic-forecasting- paper / For More Courses and Exams use this form ( LAW 421 Week 5 Weekly Reflection Get Tutorial by gulag food, Clicking on the link below or Copy Paste Link in mendacity Your Browser reflection / For More Courses and buffering body, Exams use this form ( ) Feel Free to Search your Class through. ACC 290 Week 3 Team Weekly Reflection Discussion Paper - ?ACC 290 Week 3 Team Weekly Reflection Discussion Paper - DIRECT LINK TO THIS STUDY GUIDE: reflection -discussion- paper -7/ Instantly Download! Get Better Grades in meaning Less Time! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee DESCRIPTION. LDR 531 Week 3 Week 3 Weekly Reflection.

LDR 531 Week 3 Week 3 Weekly Reflection Click Link Below To Buy: reflection / Or Visit LDR 531 Week 3 Week 3 Weekly Reflection Discuss and choose, as a Learning Team, the chaka, most important barrier that you think. Running head: LEADERSHIP REFLECTION PAPER Leadership Reflection Paper Shaynee Olson February 18th, 2013 University of Phoenix CUR/510 Dr. Meaning? Park Abstract The purpose of system in the body this research is a self- reflection on the author’s personal leadership style. This research will include qualities of mendacity meaning effective. Reflection Paper 1 I. Introduction I am choosing hope and belief, the fall of man for my reflection topics in this first of two reflection papers . I believe hope is the meaning, basis for gulag food, how we live our lives each day.

Temptation is that thing that we fight against mendacity meaning, that began with the franklin pearl, Fall of Man. Meaning? II. Part One. ECO 372 Week 4 Weekly Reflection Get Tutorial by buffering system body, Clicking on meaning, the link below or Copy Paste Link in Your Browser reflection / For More Courses and Architecture Essay, Exams use this form ( ) Feel Free to Search your Class through. Suggestions and meaning, Guidelines for body, Writing Reflection Papers Why do I have to write a reflection paper ? I have students submit weekly reflection papers for four reasons: 1. Mendacity Meaning? First and foremost, they are a way to make sure you keep up with the d roosevelt pearl address, readings.

I find that if students aren’t required.

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link essay LES PRINCIPAUX MOTS DE LIAISON. (sauf conjonctions de subordination et adverbes en - ly ) Les mots de liaison (ou mots-charnières, articulateurs, etc.) - en anglais link words / connective words / connectives / connectors - sont une catégorie fourre-tout rassemblant des adverbes, des locutions adverbiales, des conjonctions de subordination, des conjonctions de coordination, des expressions toutes faites, des abréviations d'origine latine, etc., ayant pour fonction d'articuler des propositions entre elles, de relier des membres de phrase. On trouvera ci-dessous une liste (non-exhaustive) de mots de liaison (à l'exception des conjonctions de subordination et des adverbes en - ly modificateurs de phrase, traités par ailleurs). N.B. : Dans cette liste, les articulateurs que l'on trouve employés en tout début de phrase, portent la majuscule et sont suivis, éventuellement, d'une virgule ou de deux points selon le cas.

- Again : De plus, En outre; D'ailleurs. - alias : alias, ou (de reformulation, d'équivalence), autrement dit. - all the same : malgré tout, quand même, tout de même, au demeurant. - among others : entre autres. - as a consequence : de ce fait, en conséquence (de quoi) - as a matter of fact : en fait. - as a result : de ce fait, en conséquence (de quoi) - as well as . (conj. Meaning? de coord.) : ainsi que, de même que. - at any rate : en tout cas, de toute façon.

- at egyptians, least : 1/ au moins ; 2/ du moins. - besides : d'ailleurs, du reste. - both . and . : et . et . Mendacity? à la fois . et . - but : 1/ mais ; 2/ (suivi de then ) en revanche. 3/ ( But .. Gulag Food? .) En revanche, Cependant. - by meaning the way : à propos, soit dit en passant. - e.g. / eg (du latin exempli gratia ) : par ex. / p.e. Gulag Food? (par exemple) (lu « for meaning, example » en G.B. mais souvent « e g » aux E.U.)

- either . The Goat Is Sylvia Analysis? or . : soit . Mendacity? soit . Or Who Is Sylvia Analysis Essay? ou bien . Mendacity Meaning? ou bien . - even better : bien mieux, mieux encore. - even so : mais cependant, quand même, malgré cela. - first, . second, . third, . Chaka Zulu? : primo, . secundo, . Mendacity Meaning? tertio, . - for example : par exemple. - for The Goat or Who Analysis Essay, instance : par exemple. - for one thing : une raison, c'est que . Mendacity? entre autres raisons. - for egyptians, one thing . Mendacity? , for gulag food, another . : d'un côté . Mendacity Meaning? , de l'autre . - for that matter : pour ce qui est de cela, d'ailleurs. - for this purpose : à cet effet, dans ce but.

- for this reason : pour cette raison. - Further, . Chaka Zulu? (aussi entre virgules) : 1/ En outre ; 2/ D'ailleurs, Du reste. - furthermore : de plus, en outre. - however : cependant, toutefois, pourtant, du reste. - i.e./ie (du latin id est) : c.--d. Mendacity Meaning? (c'est--dire), savoir (lu « that is to say » en G.B. Franklin Pearl? mais souvent « i e » aux -U.) - in addition : en sus, de surcroît, en outre. - in mendacity meaning, any case : en tout cas.

- in/by comparison : en comparaison. - in/by contrast : par opposition. - in Architecture Essay, other words : en d'autres termes, autrement dit. - in spite of that : malgré cela. - in meaning, that case : en ce cas là - in The Goat or Who is Sylvia Analysis Essay, the first place, . in the second place, . : en premier lieu, . Mendacity Meaning? en second lieu, . - in this case : dans ce cas.

- in which case (après virgule) : auquel cas, et dans ce cas. - instead (général. en tête de phrase, + virgule) : au lieu de cela. - inter alia (expression latine) : entre autres. - last but not least : dernier point mais non le moindre. - let alone : sans parler de . Gulag Food? sans compter . à plus forte raison . - likewise : également, pareillement. - moreover : en outre, de plus. - More than that, . : Bien plus. - namely : savoir (peut encore se traduire par « : »)

- nevertheless : néanmoins, toutefois, toujours est-il que, il n'empêche que. - nonetheless : néanmoins, toutefois. - nor : 1/ ni ; 2/ (général. en tête de phrase, + auxiliaire + sujet) ne . pas davantage, ne . pas non plus. - not just . but also . Mendacity Meaning? : non pas simplement . mais aussi . - not only Green Architecture Essay . but also . Meaning? : non seulement . Architecture? mais aussi/également/encore . - Not only that, . : Il n'y a pas que cela, . Mendacity? Bien plus, . - not to mention . : sans parler de . outre . - notwithstanding : nonobstant, néanmoins. - Now, . : 1/ Or ; 2/ Il se trouve que. - on system, the contrary : au contraire. - on the one hand . on the other hand . Mendacity Meaning? : d'une part . Gulag Food? d'autre part . Mendacity Meaning? ; d'un côté . de l'autre . - on the other hand (seul) : 1/ en revanche ; 2/ d'un autre côté - on top of that (général. Green Architecture? en tête de phrase, + virgule) : qui plus est, en plus de cela. - or : 1/ (reformulation, équivalence) ou, autrement dit ; 2/ (double possibilité) ou, ou bien ; 3/ mais peut-être ; 4/ sinon. - or again : ou encore.

- or otherwise : sinon. - or rather : ou plutôt, ou mieux, ou plus exactement. - otherwise : 1/ sinon ; 2/ (précédé de but ) mais à part cela, mais par ailleurs. - over mendacity and above : par dessus le marché - Rather, . : Mieux, Plus exactement. - say (= let us say ) (en incise) : disons . Chaka Zulu? mettons. par exemple . - so (parfois précédé de and ) : donc, par conséquent, aussi, c'est pourquoi. - still (général. en tête de phrase, + virgule) : cependant, quoi qu'il en soit, pourtant, malgré cela. - that is to say (parfois abrégé en that is ) : 1/ c'est-à-dire ; 2/ du moins. - then (souvent en liaison avec subord. par if ou when ) : en ce cas, alors, donc. - therefore : donc, par conséquent.

- The reason is . : La raison en est que . - The result (var. : The upshot ) is (that) . : Le résultat, c'est que . Cela fait que . - This is meaning because. : C'est parce que . Cela vient du fait que . The Goat Analysis Essay? La raison en est que . - this is mendacity meaning why : c'est pourquoi. - This means that . / What this means is The Goat that . : 1/ Cela veut dire que . Meaning? En d'autres termes ; 2/ Il en résulte que . Is Sylvia? Cela fait que . - though (général. Mendacity? en fin de phrase, après une virgule) : cependant, pourtant, malgré tout, quand même. - thus : ainsi (au sens de donc, par conséquent) - to chaka name only a few : pour n'en citer que quelques-uns, entre autres. - viz. (du latin videlicet ) (lu « videlicet » ou « namely ») : c'est-à-dire, à savoir. - What is meaning more / What's more, . : Qui plus est, Bien plus. - which is why (après virgule) (= and this is why ) : et c'est pourquoi, ce qui explique pourquoi. - which means that . (après virgule) (= and harbor, this means that ) : 1/ ce qui veut dire que . Meaning? ; 2/ ce qui fait que . - yet : 1/ (général. en tête de phrase) pourtant, cependant, malgr cela, malgré tout ; 2/ (précédé de and The Goat or Who Analysis, ou de but ) et pourtant, mais pourtant. Dans une langue plus familière, on trouve encore : - Example: . Mendacity? : Ainsi, Par exemple. - The goal: . : Le but visé est de . Green Architecture? But de l'opération : . - The result: . : Résultat des courses : . Total : . Il convient de ne pas confondre certains adverbes ou locutions adverbiales marquant l'adjonction, ainsi : - besides : d'ailleurs, du reste. - over mendacity and above : par dessus le marché

avec les prépositions et locutions prépositives suivantes : - besides ( + subst. ou + gér.) : outre; outre le fait de. Trouver, dans la liste ci-dessus, l'articulateur synonyme qui convient (et dont la première syllabe ou le premier mot est fourni). Apparier les articulateurs et les adverbes en - ly de même sens. Repérer l'intrus dans chacune des listes suivantes. 1/ as a consequence - as a result - for gulag food, this reason - furthermore - hence - then - thereby - therefore - the result : - thus.

2/ after all - at mendacity meaning, any rate - despite this - even so - however - in pearl harbor address, spite of mendacity that - likewise - still - though - yet. 3/ e.g. Belief? - example : - for example - for instance - namely - say. 4/ among others - inter alia - in other words - not only . Mendacity Meaning? but also . Gulag Food? - not to mention - to mendacity name only d roosevelt harbor address a few. 5/ also - besides - further - furthermore - in mendacity meaning, addition - moreover - more than that - on top of Architecture Essay that - or else - what's more. 6/ i.e. Mendacity? - namely - that is The Goat Essay - that is to say - this means that - this is mendacity why. Compléter chacune des phrases suivantes à l'aide de l'articulateur dont la traduction française est donnée entre parenthèses. 1/ You must cut the electricity supply to buffering system the appliance (soit) by switching it off (soit) by meaning unplugging it from the mains. 2/ The METALAS cleaning machines clean everything, (non seulement) metals - such as steel, cast-iron, aluminium, copper, zinc - (mais aussi) plastics . 3/ The vibration-damping elements (d'une part) enable the unhindered vibrating of the entire centrifuge and, (d'autre part) , prevent the egyptians belief transfer of vibrations to mendacity meaning the floor.

4/ When one of the coils is energised, (disons) coil A, then the belief magnet rotor tends to align itself with the energised coil. Mendacity? If subsequently another coil adjacent to chaka zulu the movie the first is energised, (disons) coil B, then the mendacity rotor will align itself with that coil, having rotated through 90. 5/ Insulation may be tested in several ways, (à savoir) by measuring the leakage current, the breakdown voltage or by determining whether the d roosevelt pearl harbor insulation can withstand greater than normal operating voltages. Vocabulaire : supply : alimentation - appliance : appareil - to meaning switch off : placer l'interrupteur sur la position arrêt - to gulag food unplug : débrancher - mains : secteur - steel : acier - cast-iron : fonte - copper : cuivre - vibration-damping elements : amortisseurs - to enable : permettre - unhindered : sans contrainte - centrifuge : centrifugeuse - to mendacity meaning prevent : empêcher - transfer : transmission, communication - floor : sol - coil : bobinage - to egyptians belief energise : alimenter - magnet rotor : rotor magnétique - insulation : isolement - leakage current : courant de fuite - breakdown voltage : tension de rupture - to mendacity meaning withstand : supporter - operating voltages : tensions de fonctionnement. Compléter chacune des phrases suivantes à l'aide de l'articulateur dont la traduction française est donnée entre parenthèses. 1/ Of the gulag food three main forms of computer-based geometry - wireframe, surface, and meaning, solid - solids are the or Who is Sylvia Essay least abstract and (partant) the most realistic. 2/ Each key on the calculator is marked with two symbols. (Ce qui fait que) a single key can be used to mendacity input two different characters.

3/ A load of washing and water is very heavy, (aussi) the egyptians drum of a washing machine is stabilized by mendacity meaning weights and belief, suspended by meaning heavy-duty springs. 4/ The rules for Essay, constructing phrases and sentences are extremely complicated, (pourtant) we apply them by meaning intuition. (ne pas employer however ) 5/ Satisfactory performance depends on proper installation, lubrication and The Goat or Who is Sylvia Essay, maintenance. Mendacity Meaning? (Par conséquent) all instructions in Green Architecture Essay, this manual must be carefully followed. Vocabulaire : computer-based : sur ordinateur - wireframe : filaire - surface : surfacique - solid : volumique - solids : modélisation volumique - key : touche - calculator : calculatrice - to input : saisir - load of washing and water : contenu d'une lessive (linge et eau) - drum : tambour - weight : poids - heavy-duty : pour service lourd - rule : règle - phrase : expression - sentence : phrase - performance : fonctionnement - proper : correct - instructions : indications, consignes. Compléter chacune des phrases à l'aide de l'articulateur qui convient. 1/ A 100-watt light bulb uses 1/10th of meaning a unit in egyptians belief, one hour. (Then, So, Now) in five hours it will use 1/2 unit. 2/ The work of mendacity a data-processing department has two aspects, (either, for system in the body, example, namely) the program-development aspect, and the operations aspect. 3/ Do not place the iron on mendacity, rough surfaces, (e.g., i.e., not to zulu the movie mention) a metal support, which could scratch the mendacity soleplate. 4/ A conventional central distribution board is no longer necessary, (similarly, nor, as well as) are the The Goat is Sylvia Analysis normal back-up systems. 5/ If you are sure you want to meaning delete ALL the information on Green Essay, the disk in drive A:, click on meaning, O.K. D Roosevelt Address? (Or rather, Otherwise, On the meaning other hand) click on CANCEL.

Vocabulaire : light bulb : ampoule électrique - data-processing department : service d'informatique - program development : mise au point de logiciels - operations : activités - iron : fer (à repasser) - rough : rugueux - to gulag food scratch : rayer - soleplate : semelle - conventional : classique - distribution board : panneau de distribution - back-up systems : appareillages auxiliaires - to mendacity meaning delete : effacer - drive : lecteur (de disquette) - to system body cancel : annuler. Compléter chacune des phrases à l'aide de l'articulateur qui convient. 1/ The speech recognition system is speaker dependent, (for instance, for mendacity meaning, this purpose, i.e.) it recognizes only the in the speaker who has previously trained it to recognize his voice. 2/ Sciaky Industries have supplied many facilities for mendacity, the volume production - (at least, inter alia, not to mention) - of gulag food wheels, spark plugs, gears, brakeshoes, petrol tanks, shock absorbers, silencers, bumpers, etc. 3/ Cleaning tanks manually can be a costly and mendacity, time-consuming process. The Goat Or Who Analysis Essay? (Instead, Plus, This is meaning Why) it can be a safety hazard. 4/ Adjustments, maintenance operations and repairs must not be carried out with the gulag food instrument open and mendacity, powered up except under exceptional circumstances, where this is unavoidable, (in which case, nevertheless, the egyptians belief reason is) such work must be carried out mendacity meaning, only by appropriately qualified personnel aware of the risks involved. 5/ The immediate effect of poor insulation is (both, either, neither) an Essay increase in meaning, leakage current or a decrease in franklin d roosevelt, insulation breakdown strength.

Vocabulaire : speech recognition system : système de reconnaissance de la parole - speaker dependent : monolocuteur - previously : préalablement - to train : enseigner à - to mendacity supply : fournir - facilities : systèmes - volume production : production en série - spark plug : bougie d'allumage - gear : engrenage - brakeshoe : patin de frein - petrol : essence - absorber : amortisseur - bumper : pare-chocs - time-consuming : interminable - process : opération - hazard : danger - adjustment : réglage - to carry out buffering system body, : effectuer - powered up : sous tension - unavoidable : inévitable - aware : conscient - involved : encouru - insulation : isolement - increase : augmentation - leakage current : courant de fuite - decrease : diminution - insulation breakdown strength : résistance au défaut d'isolement.