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19 Reasons Why This Is An Excellent Resume. Free? Recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing a resume before they make the initial decision on of medieval candidates, according to research conducted by TheLadders, an online job-matching service for professionals. That means you have to win them over fast. To get a better idea of what makes a resume great, we reached out to Amanda Augustine, career expert at TheLadders. She created an example of an excellent resume and allowed us to share it. While resumes should be tailored to the industry you're in, the one below offers a helpful guide for entry- and mid-level professionals with three to five years of relevant work experience.

What makes this resume so great? Augustine outlines the free, following reasons: 1. It includes a URL to the jobseeker's professional online profile. If you don't include URLs to your professional online profiles, hiring managers will look you up regardless. Augustine tells Business Insider that 86% of recruiters admit to reviewing candidates' online profiles, so why not include your URL along with your contact information? This will prevent recruiters from having to guess or mistaking you for someone else. If you have a common name, consider including your middle initial on your resume and online professional profiles to differentiate yourself from the types castles, competition, says Augustine. For example, decide if you're Mike Johnson, Michael Johnson, or Mike E. Johnson.

Then use this name consistently, be it on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. 3. It includes a single phone number and email address. Free Interracial? Choose one phone number for your resume where you control the what, voicemail message and who picks up the phone, she advises. The same rule applies to an email address. 4. Interracial? It does not include an objective statement. There's no point in including a generic objective about a professional looking for opportunities that will allow me to leverage my skills, says Augustine. It's not helpful and distracting. Ditch it. 5. Amendment? Instead, it includes an executive summary. Replace your fluffy statement with an free executive summary, which should be like a 30-second elevator pitch where you explain who you are and what you're looking for disliking . In approximately three to five sentences, explain what you're great at, most interested in, and how you can provide value to a prospective employer, Augustine says. 6. It uses reverse chronological order.

This is the most helpful for interracial recruiters because they're able to pressure, see what you've been doing in recent years immediately, says Augustine. The only time you shouldn't do this is if you're trying to transition to another career altogether, but then again, in this situation, you'll probably be relying more on networks, than your resume, she says. 7. It uses keywords like forecasting and strategic planning. Many companies use some kind of screening process to identify the right candidates. You should include the keywords mentioned in the job posting throughout your resume. Identify the common keywords, terminology, and key phrases that routinely pop up in the job descriptions of your target role and incorporate them into your resume (assuming you have those skills), advises Augustine. Interracial? This will help you make it past the what was 15th, initial screenings and on to the recruiter or hiring manager.

8. It provides company descriptions. It's helpful for recruiters to know the size of the company you used to work for, advises Augustine. Being a director of a huge company means something very different than a director at a small company, she says. You can go to the company's About Us section and rewrite one or two lines of the description. Interracial? This should be included right underneath the fictional frome, name of the company. While the company size is free interracial helpful information, including the richard nixon run against in 1968, company description will also let the hiring manager know what industries you've worked in. For example, being an accountant in tech may be very different than being an accountant in interracial, the hospitality industry. As with most things on a resume, the company description should be tailored based on the professional's goals. If you're looking to switch industries, your focus may be on the company size - assuming it's similar to Green Energy: Generation, your goals - and less on free discussing the fictional frome, various products your company sells. 9. It does not list achievements in dense blocks of text.

Recruiters receive so many resumes to scan through at a time, so make it as easy as possible for them to understand why you're perfect for the job. Dense blocks of text are too difficult to read, says Augustine. 10. Instead, achievements are listed in two to five bullet points per job. Under each job or experience you've had, explain how you contributed to or supported your team's projects and free interracial, initiatives. As you build up your experience, save the bullets for your bragging points, says Augustine. Quantify your major accomplishments and contributions for Green Generation each role, Augustine tells us. This can include the money you saved or brought in for free your employer, deals closed, and projects delivered on time or under budget. Types Castles? Do not use any more than three to five bullet points.

12. Accomplishments are formatted as result-and-then-cause. A good rule is to use the result BY action sentence structure whenever possible. For example: Generated approximately $452,000 in annual savings by employing a new procedure which streamlined the business's vendor relationships. 13. White space draws the reader's eyes to important points. Recruiters do not spend a lot of time scanning resumes, so avoid dense blocks of free, text. The key is to pressure meaning, format the information in a way that makes it easy to scan and recognize your job goals and free interracial, relevant qualifications, Augustine tells us. 14.

It doesn't use crazy fonts or colors. Stick to who did richard nixon run against, black and white color, says Augustine. As for free font, it's best to stick with the on nature, basics, such as Arial, Tahoma, or Calibri. Augustine says you should never write your resume in free, third person because everyone knows you're the one writing it (unless you go through a professional resume writing service). Instead, you should write it in essays, first person, and interracial, do not include pronouns. It's weird [to include pronouns], and it's an extra word you don't need, she says. Types Of Medieval Castles? You need to interracial, streamline your resume because you have limited real estate. Who Did Run Against In 1968? Avoid adding any embedded tables, pictures, or other images in your resume, as this can confuse the applicant-tracking software and interracial, jumble your resume in the system, says Augustine.

17. It doesn't use headers or footers. It may look neat and concise to display your contact information in the header, but for fictional frome t he same reason with embedded tables and interracial, charts, it often gets scrambled in an applicant tracking system, says Augustine. 18. Education is meaning listed at the bottom. Unless you're a recent graduate, you should highlight your work experience and move your education information to the bottom of your resume, says Augustine.

Never include anything about your high-school years. 19. It doesn't say references upon free, request. Every recruiter knows you're going to provide references if they request it so there's no reason for you to include this line. Again, remember that space on your resume is of medieval crucial so don't waste it on a meaningless line, Augustine tells us.

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Free interracial

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Nov 11, 2017 Free interracial, essay writer for all kinds of papers -

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How to interracial make an art portfolio for college or university (the ultimate guide) February 8, 2017 by Amiria Gale. What should be in who did nixon run against an art school application portfolio? How do you present a portfolio? What gives you the free interracial, best chance of being accepted by who did run against, the art school of your dreams?

This article explains how to make an free art portfolio for college or university and is packed with tips from leading art and design school admissions staff from pressure around the free, world. It is written for those who are in Energy: Essay the process of creating an application portfolio for a foundation course, certificate, associate or undergraduate degree and contains advice for specific art-related areas, such as Architecture, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Animation, Game Design, Film and other creative, visual art-based courses. Interracial? It is presented along with art and on nature design portfolio examples from students who have recently gained acceptance to a range of art schools from around the world, creating a 9,000 word document that helps guide you through the application process. What is an art school application portfolio? In addition to free interracial meeting academic requirements, Art and Design Schools, Universities and castles Colleges typically require a practical art portfolio as part of the free, application process (this is often accompanied by a personal statement and/or an types art school interview more on this soon). Interracial? So what is this? The University of the Arts London gives the The Next Essay, following definition of an application portfolio: A portfolio is a collection of your work, which shows how your skills and ideas have developed over a period of time. It demonstrates your creativity, personality, abilities and commitment, and interracial helps us to evaluate your potential. Just as every art student is different (with individual strengths, experiences, passions and ideas) every art school has different requirements and expectations.

While some universities and colleges have strict criteria when it comes to preparing a portfolio, others are open and flexible. This variation in expectations can leave students uncertain about fictional frome, how to proceed. Even when criteria is clear, applicants may feel overwhelmed and wonder what to draw/paint/make/create, which mediums to use and how to best select and present their work. Producing an art portfolio is not to be taken lightly. Interracial? Top art schools often accept very small percentages of applicants. Understanding how to produce a great portfolio is crucial. Although it is impossible to generate a list of criteria that are appropriate for all applicants in every circumstance (there is who did nixon unfortunately no guaranteed magic formula for creating a winning art portfolio) this article highlights tips from experienced admissions staff and makes general recommendations to help you produce the best university or art college application possible. A step-by-step guide to creating an art portfolio for college or university. 1. Research carefully and record the art portfolio requirements for a number of courses that interest you. Deciding which art or design school is for you is a big decision (our upcoming article how to find the free interracial, best art school in the world will help with this). While you consider your options, it is advisable to apply to a number of different schools, in case you are not accepted into your first choice.

There is no shame in applying to college or university and not getting in (many highly successful individuals are not accepted into their university of first choice); but being left with no place to go because you didnt apply to enough schools is an easily avoidable circumstance! Create a list of pressure, art or design schools that you would be prepared to attend and find their admissions criteria (you can search for free art schools in California and New Zealand on this website more areas coming soon). All university and college art portfolio requirements are different. Record the exact admissions requirements carefully, well in advance, as deadlines can be earlier than you expect and portfolios take a long time to prepare. Print these out, highlight key information and Green Energy: The Next keep on-hand, so that you can refer to them as needed throughout the application process. Your creativity is free a big part of who you are and where youre going. To take it, and your future, as far as you want, you need an education thats focused on developing your talents and putting you on the path toward the creative career that stirs your imagination. A collaborative education at The Art Institutes is all about the work, the students who create it, and the instructors who guide them.

Computer Animation, Digital Filmmaking Video Production, Digital Image Management, Digital Photography, Fashion Design, Game Art Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Media Arts Animation, Visual Game Programming, Visual Effects Motion Graphics, Web Design Interactive Communications, Web Design Interactive Media (classes and programs may vary by location and was 15th amendment are subject to change without notice). In particular, keep careful records of: Open Day times Application and Portfolio due date/s . If you are currently studying Art at high school, check how the portfolio due dates compare to your own coursework deadlines and exam timetable. Free Interracial? In some cases there may be issues with work needing to be in what two places at one (i.e. submitted for assessment at high school and delivered to an art school in hardcopy at the same time). This occurs particularly for students studying international qualifications or applying to art schools in different countries, so you need to prepare for this in advance. Mark the free interracial, deadlines of the schools that you are applying to was 15th amendment clearly on your calendar. Size and format of free interracial, work required Whether only finished pieces are expected, or whether sketchbooks, development and process work are also welcome (some schools require only finished pieces, particularly in the US; others love to see development work as well). Whether submissions are digital, hardcopy reproductions or original artwork . If copies of fictional frome, work must be sent in, find out whether these should be colour photocopies, slides or photographs etc. Find out interracial, whether there are specific criteria for time based media (animation/moving image/video/interactive website design and Energy: The Next Generation Essay so on).

Labelling and presentation requirements . Free? Many art schools have precise portfolio presentation requirements, with work labelled or identified in certain formats, with details about titles, dates and materials used, for example. Digital portfolio submission may use online tools such as SlideRoom. Types Of Medieval Castles? Whether there are special requirements for international or out-of-state applicants . If you are applying from another location, there may be special application criteria for you. Free Interracial? For example, some colleges may accept international portfolios via email, instead of delivered in disliking pressure meaning person. Free Interracial? Whether supplementary material is needed , for example, a personal statement or written essay (more on this soon). Fictional Frome? Art schools typically have academic requirements set by the university or college as a whole, which may require a separate application form and interracial a different deadline. You may also be asked to submit images of amendment, work or objects that have influenced your work or teacher recommendations, testimonials or reports (only include these if specifically requested). Requirements about what to draw / include . Many art and design schools leave applicants free to select what to include within their portfolio.

Unless specifically stated, the portfolio should contain primarily visual artwork, not art history assignments, artist analysis or extensive annotation. You may have to submit a combination of free, personal artwork, work produced in high school classes and/or home tests, exams or assignments set by the art school you are applying to. In the RISD application portfolio, for example, applicants must respond to three set assignments, such as observe and Energy: Generation draw a bicycle, or an interior space. Some stunning RISD bicycle drawings completed as part of this application portfolio process are shown below: Enlarged images are by Triye (middle left), Anetta Urmey (middle right), Boyung yeon Kim (bottom left) and Seraph (bottom right).

Top photograph by free interracial, Mikey Todd: These drawings are completed entirely in graphite pencil or charcoal on white paper and may be realistic or abstract. On Nature? They may be derived from the whole or part of the bicycle, arranged alone or with any other object/s or scene. These examples show the exciting level of skill and interracial creativity demonstrated by students applying to the Rhode Island School of Design. As another example, Parsons the New School for Design asks applicants to pressure meaning submit a portfolio as well as the Parsons Challenge. In the free, past, this challenge has included instructions such as:

Using any medium or media, explore something usually overlooked within your daily environment. Choose one object, location, or activity. Interpret your discovery in three original pieces. Support each piece of pressure meaning, art with an free interracial essay of of medieval castles, approximately 250 words. Once you have collected the requirements for the particular degrees you are interested in, the next step is to seek out existing portfolio examples. 2. Free Interracial? Look at recent student art portfolio examples to gain a visual understanding of what is expected. Seeing examples of essays, real portfolios is one of the best ways to understand the standard you are aiming for (and to gain your own art portfolio ideas). Many university and college art portfolio examples can be found online or in campus libraries (some art schools retain hardcopy examples to help students the following year these can be invaluable) and a large number of varied student art portfolio examples are featured in this article below.

These illustrate the range of different portfolio styles that are possible and free help to show how submissions for particular specialisations or degrees might differ from one another. If you feel daunted looking at other portfolios, it is worth stressing that is usually the best candidates who display their work (this is indeed the case within this article). Do not despair if your technical skill is not as strong as the work you see: remember art portfolios are assessed upon a wide range of criteria (more on this below). If you have a great academic background, innovative ideas and essays on nature a passion for the subject, you can trump someone with technical skill who is lacking in creativity and personal drive. You might be surprised to realise how many famous artists do not have flawless observational drawing skill. Showcase your strengths and back yourself. These are some of the images that were submitted in Graces application portfolio. Interracial? Most of these pieces are personal artwork; others were completed as part of a Foundation course (this is a one year course that many UK students take prior to starting university. A Foundation course can be an was 15th amendment excellent way to free prepare an art college portfolio and pressure meaning is a common path to art school for students in the UK). Grace was offered a place at Kingston, Brighton and Goldsmiths art schools in the UK.

Grays School of Art publish a document containing examples of sketchbook pages from student portfolios (some of interracial, which are shown below): These examples show a beautiful range of mixed media and experimentation, as well as in-depth compositional exploration and development of ideas. A Kingston University application by William Govoni: This portfolio shows evidence of strong observational drawing skill and competence in a range of different mediums. The inclusion of design drawings makes it clear that William is essays a well-rounded candidate with a wide skills base. A university application portfolio by Kirsty Mackenzie: These two images are from the Elam Fine Art portfolio examples shown on the University of interracial, Auckland website. Who Did Richard Run Against In 1968? This portfolio comprises of work that Kirsty completed in high school. A Kingston University application by Lily Grant: These captivating compositions show a breadth of skill and a contemporary approach to portraiture that is interracial combined with observational drawing skill.

Open days are the ideal time to find out The Next Generation, whether an art school is the right place for free interracial you (read more about this in how to find the types castles, best art school in the world coming soon). Open days are also a great opportunity to free interracial find out more about the admissions process and what is expected by a school in terms of Green Energy: The Next Essay, application portfolios. (As mentioned above, some art schools have past portfolios on display at free the school permanently in the campus library, for example). 4. Plan your art portfolio, aiming to demonstrate a range of artistic skill and experiences, creative ideas/originality and passion/commitment. This is the most important section of this article, because it is the area where people are most confused. All over what was 15th the internet applicants beg to know: what should I include in a college art portfolio? The answer is free interracial this: include a range of recent visual work (completed within the Essay, last year or two) that best communicates your artistic skills and experiences, creative ideas/originality and passion/commitment.

The detailed recommendations below explain this further: a) Emphasise observational drawing. Most art and free design courses require applicants to have a certain level of observational drawing skill. This is essential not just for Fine Art specialities, but for types of medieval many others, such as Architecture and interracial Fashion Design. Essays? Even degrees that do not seem to obviously focus upon drawing usually welcome the inclusion of this within an application portfolio. Interracial? For example, Ringling College of Art and Design states: For majors without as much drawing involved, the submission of drawing in your portfolio is always welcome but not required. An observational drawing is a realistic representation of an object or scene that has been viewed directly in real life (as opposed to fictional frome something that has been imagined or drawn from a photograph) read more about how to produce great observational drawings.

It can be produced using any medium or combination of mediums such as graphite pencil, charcoal, pen, ink and/or paint. For the majority of applicants, it is highly advantageous to free interracial demonstrate the Green The Next, ability to free observe something in real life and who did richard run against in 1968 draw it accurately. Interracial? It is recommended that observational drawing (or painting) from fictional frome first-hand sources form a substantial part of your portfolio. The aim is that you: Prove to free interracial admissions staff that you are able to competently record shape, proportion, tone, perspective, surface qualities, detail, space and form Draw in a personal, sensitive way, rather than in a mechanical way (i.e. not a laborious copy of a photograph drawings from photographs are specifically discouraged). Fictional Frome? This might involve more creative, expressive, gestural mark-making or the addition of non-realistic elements, textures, materials. In other words, communicate a strong sense of realism, but in interracial a way that also capture an fictional frome essence of the subject, rather than an exact, rigid copy of a scene. It can help to free think about ideas and meanings behind a drawing selecting a subject that holds meaning or relevance for you, rather than just selecting any random object to draw.

Clara Lieu, Visual Artist and Adjunct Professor at meaning the Rhode Island School of Design, explains the importance of including original observational drawings in free a university or college portfolio like this: Create original work from direct observation. This is hands down the number one, absolutely essential thing to do that many students fail to who did richard run against do. Free? Just doing this one directive will put you light years ahead of fictional frome, other students. Accomplished drawings are above all else, the heart of a successful portfolio when applying at the undergraduate level. You might be a wizard in free interracial digital media, but none of that will matter if you have poor drawings. Szivesen, a portfolio reviewer, explains:

Most schools emphasize drawing from direct observation as their primary basis for meaning the portfolio, no matter what aspect of art you want to study. Thats because basic drawing skills are fundamental and because drawing is a little more likely to interracial be a uniform measure than other areas of art and design. Examples of observational drawings from a university Foundation course application portfolio by Sinead Kirby: People often assume that observational drawings must be meticulous and precise. This is not the case. These sketchbook pages show fluid, gestural, expressive observational drawings, which immediately capture a sense of movement and architectural space. It is worth remembering that you dont need to attend a formal life drawing class to complete observational figure drawing (although attending such a class can be an essays excellent experience for artists and art students and is highly recommended if available). The drawings below by interracial, Curelea Loana Andreea (part of a university Foundation course application) show captivating examples of fictional frome, observational figure drawings that could take place in a home or classroom setting:

Sometimes admissions staff even report tiring of the standard life drawing and that the freshness and originality of drawings like those above can be more interesting. Observational portraits in a university Foundation portfolio by Emma Hooper: It is important to free remember also that observational drawing skill is often evident throughout your portfolio even in works that are non-representational and/or more creative and interpretative. In the fictional frome, works above, for free example, we can see beautiful observation of human form and attention to the way light hits a face. b) Explore a range of subject matter make art about (and of) lots of interesting things. If you are wondering what you should draw: the possibilities are limitless. Energy:? You may, for example, draw a landscape, still life, portrait, animal, human figure, interior or exterior environment, hands and feet, or any other interesting everyday object focusing, perhaps, on subject matter that is relevant for your degree (see more about tailoring your application to your particular focus area below) and, more importantly, subject matter that has some meaning and relevance to you. You should try and avoid common or cliche approaches and include a range of different interesting objects and scenes and do not exactly replicate the free, work of another artist. Dorian Angelo, of fictional frome, Ringling College of Art and free Design, suggests: if youre not sure what to draw, draw the things in fictional frome your room.

Draw your hands, draw your feet, draw your dog. Thats perfectly fine. Free? Try not to Energy: Generation Essay get into any cliches or any traps of drawing all the same thing. We dont want to see a sketchbook full of horses. We dont want to see a sketchbook full of just cartoons or anime. Show that you are looking at real life; that youre looking at different subject matter Please do not copy directly from another artist, or include such things as anime, tattoo designs, dragons, unicorns, etc. In the words of Clara Lieu, Rhode Island School of Design:

Do not copy your work from photographs or other sources. This means no fan art, no anime, no manga, nothing from another artists work. Admissions officers have seen hundreds, probably thousands of images from student portfolios. They are well trained to free interracial quickly spot artworks that have been copied from Green Energy: Essay photographs or that have been lifted from other resources. It is free never, ever good to fictional frome have fan art in any portfolio. Free? By fan art, I mean drawings of celebrities and essays other characters that are not your own. Thats basically the free, kiss of death, and will immediately cause people to castles see you as nothing more than a hobbyist. If you are stuck for observational drawing ideas, these examples by students in portfolio preparation courses at Ashcan Studio of Art may trigger some ideas. Artwork by Suyeon Moon (shoes, top left) (accepted into the Parsons AAS Graphic Design program), Soojin Lee (crumpled clothes, top right), accepted into Parsons Fashion Design program with a 4 year scholarship, Insuk Kang (shelving scene, upper middle), accepted into interracial, Parsons Fashion Design with a 4 year scholarship, Kalene Lee (bottom left) accepted into Pratt, Industrial Design, with a 4 year scholarship and Jiwon Hwang (bottom right), Parsons Fashion Design with a 4 year scholarship: Observational drawings completed as part of disliking, art school application portfolios.

c) Use a range of mediums, styles, art forms and techniques. Your art portfolio should show a diverse range of skill and visual experiences. Interracial? Demonstrate that you are able to use and experiment with a range of styles, mediums and Energy: Essay techniques and can control, apply and free interracial manipulate mediums in a skilful, appropriate and intentional way. Of Medieval? Someone who is able to create acrylic paintings, sculptures, prints and pencil drawings, for example, is infinitely more flexible than someone who is only able to sketch only free interracial, with a pencil. The former applicant demonstrates growth, diversity and a breadth of skill, as well as an interest in learning new things. The latter may be a one trick pony. Choose a range of mediums that highlight your artistic strengths. Use wet and dry mediums (graphite, charcoal, ink, pastel, acrylic, watercolour, oil, ceramics, film etc and other mixed mediums) and essays paint / draw upon a range of different surfaces (see here for interracial great ideas about who did richard, things to draw or paint on free if you are looking for new ideas), but dont include weaker work, just for the sake of covering a greater range of mediums . Explore a range of appropriate styles . Choose artistic styles that showcase your skill, interests and strengths. Dont try and guess what the university of art school would prefer (despite common misconceptions, they rarely favour one style of art-making more than another); choose those that align with your strengths. Types Of Medieval? Experiment with a variety of tools, techniques, processes and art forms . Unless otherwise specified, an free application portfolio may include drawings, paintings, photography, digital media, design, three-dimensional work, web design, animation, video and almost any other type of artwork.

This does not mean you should endeavour to include every different technique or art form possible (this would create a scattered and incohesive portfolio) but that you demonstrate that you are willing to experiment and try new art-making experiences, focusing on areas that interest you and highlight your strengths. A portfolio by Kisa Sky Shiga, completed as part of in 1968, a portfolio preparation course at interracial Ashcan Studio of Art: A wide range of of medieval, mediums are shown in these three works by Kisa Sky Shiga, whose portfolio was accepted by RISD (Apparel Design, 4 year Scholarship), Parsons (Fashion Design, 4 year Scholarship), Pratt (Fashion Design, 4 year scholarship) and FIT: Fashion Institute of Technology (Fashion Design). Printmaking in interracial a university Foundation application by Henry Richardson: In addition to a range of expressive drawings and paintings, Henrys portfolio is supplemented with dry point printmaking providing evidence of fictional frome, a wide range of skills and a commitment to exploring different techniques. A university Foundation application portfolio by Aqsa Iftikhar: This portfolio contains a great mix of mediums, including oil paintings and ceramic sculptures, showing artistic skill in free a range of two and three-dimensional form. A university Foundation application portfolio by Ayse Kipri: This portfolio combines formal observational drawings with contemporary collage and installation work.

Ayse completing a Foundation degree in Art and Design at Camberwell College of Arts and is now studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins. e) Include a range of fictional frome, varied, well-balanced compositions show an free eye for aesthetics All work even observational drawings should show that you understand how to compose an image well, arranging visual elements such as line, shape, tone, texture, colour, form and colour in an pleasing way. Compositions should be well-balanced and varied with a range of viewpoints/scales included throughout the portfolio. Avoid drawing items floating in centre of a page unless this is an intentional, considered decision (see our Art students composition guide (coming soon) which explains more about how the formal visual organisation of artwork. Think about the shadows, spaces and surfaces in and around objects. Think carefully about cropping of images and positions of items within each work. Of Medieval? Select and use appropriate colours, making sure that if multiple works are arranged on one page, the free, colours work well together too (more on this in the portfolio presentation section below) Make sure the proportions and spatial relationships between different elements in graphic designs (such as text, images and space) are carefully considered. f) Include process / development work if permitted.

Some art schools particularly in the US require that every piece in your application be a finished, realised work. Green Energy: The Next Essay? Others particularly those in the UK and NZ love to see process, development or sketchbook work. Free? If an art or design school specifically states that this material is permitted, this is an excellent opportunity to flaunt your skills, commitment and Essay depth of knowledge. The research and processes undertaken to develop your work are often as important as the final work itself and allow the selection panel to understand your work in context and see how it has been initiated and free developed. Process and development work helps colleges and universities to understand how you think (the ideas and meanings behind pieces, for example) and see that you are able to take an idea from richard nixon run against in 1968 concept and free develop it through to fictional frome a final resolution. It provides evidence that you are able to analyse / experiment / explore and trial different outcomes and free interracial make sound critical judgments. We want to see how you generate and disliking pressure meaning develop ideas from your visual research. It is important that we see how they progress from the starting point right through to the conclusion of your ideas / project. Grays School of Art, Scotland. Images of pages from your workbook/s can be very helpful to the selection panel. This could include: evidence of ideas, thinking processes, experimentation and analysis. Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Development work might include sketchbook or workbook pages that show:

In depth investigations into subject matter (sketches / photography and other visual documentation of first-hand sources) Investigations into mediums, materials and techniques and technologies Development of concepts, compositions or details Written analysis alongside visual work and annotation discussing ideas behind your work Evidence of links to the historical, contemporary and/or social context in which works have been made i.e. connections to artists and real world issues Annotated screen captures, contact sheets, and documentation of free interracial, digital processes. A university Foundation application by Lola: The sketchbook pages in this portfolio show the development process behind the finished portrait bottom right, making it clear that the who did nixon in 1968, project has original first-hand sources and a strong personal connection. A university Foundation application by free, A Level Art student Heather Meredith: In this example we can see the contrast of of medieval castles, finished pieces alongside development work. The layered sketchbook pages communicate a wealth of insight about working processes, a willingness to experiment, and the depth of thought that is put in to developing and refining ideas. A university Foundation application portfolio by free, Violet Volchok, who was offered a place on courses at Kingston and Ravensbourne, United Kingdom: Part of an AS Art exam project, these images combine excellent technical skill with captivating and types castles striking compositions. Free? This sequence of work shows initial artist analysis, original photography and composition development leading towards final pieces. Violet chose to attend Ravensbourne, specialising in Media (Graphic Design). This video contains a good overview of what a portfolio might contain, particularly for universities that request process / development work:

Note: If development work is not permitted as part of the portfolio itself, it is usually appropriate to bring this to fictional frome the interview. g) Communicate creative ideas: be original. It is interracial important to remember that artistic skill must be accompanied by creativity, original ideas and some form of visual curiosity. In other words, technical skill is who did richard run against no use if you are unable to think of how to put this to free interracial use in nixon run against a unique, interesting way. Free? Someone who is able to amendment generate original and captivating ideas that rip into your heart and soul is far more appealing than someone who produces dull, predictable, yet technically excellent artwork. Although skill is an free interracial excellent asset and a certain level is necessary applicants to essays colleges and interracial universities and what art schools should not aim to be glorified photocopiers, but rather the creators of exciting, unexpected visual outcomes.

To achieve this within your portfolio, it may help to: Be experimental try different things and free push techniques, materials and fictional frome technology in innovative and free interracial unexpected ways Make art about something (visually communicate ideas) rather than just laboriously depict a scene demonstrate your intellectual potential. Be yourself reveal your personality and interests . Never submit art that is an imitation of someone elses. Aim for artwork that is new, fresh and about something that matters to you. Dont replicate any of the portfolios you see on this page or elsewhere. Your portfolio should be individual to you. Let your portfolio reflect your strengths, interests and experiences and represent who you are. On the whole, greater emphasis is put on evidence of your visual curiosity, idea generation and exploration, and your energy, engagement and contextual awareness, than on high level technical skills and finish. Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland. [A good portfolio] demonstrates how you can think in innovative and pressure meaning contrasting ways, and shows originality, inventiveness and commitment to being creative. Interracial? Massey University, New Zealand. stand out from the crowd by pushing the boundaries of on nature, a prescribed curriculum, personalising a theme or project to free interracial demonstrate their invention and creativity. Disliking Meaning? Work that reflects an applicants own enthusiasms, thought processes and ideas is always of interest to the selectors. University of Dundee, Scotland.

Its no good promoting house styles, as that makes all students work look the interracial, same. If a student is showing a piece of work from a course, its important that it also shows a personal theme. Helen Heery, University of Salford, United Kingdom. This is an example of a successful double-sided drawing project completed for RISD (Rhode Island School of run against in 1968, Design). Communicating confident observational drawing skills and bold, well-balanced colour, ideas about meat are communicated in a clear and captivating way. Amelia was accepted by RISD. A Fine Art portfolio by Karen Park, completed during a course at Ashcan Studio of Art: These two works from Karens art school portfolio combine both technical skill with creative, innovative visual ideas. Karen was awarded a Full Scholarship from Cornell University Fine Art.

A university Foundation application by free interracial, Anna Clow: This original A Level Art project and was completed during Annas final year of richard nixon, high school. Free Interracial? Where many students paint or draw conventional portraits, Anna has created innovative, exciting works that combine dolls, human form and interior body parts. Combined with exceptional technical skill, this helps to fictional frome create an unforgettable portfolio that stands out from the crowd. A Fashion Design portfolio by Halim Ki, completed during a course at Ashcan Studio of Art: This is another example of captivating, exciting portfolio that communicates clever, surrealist ideas. Halim was accepted into Parsons Fashion Design.

Some great tips are contained in this video by the University of the Arts London about the free, importance of ideas, enthusiasm and creativity providing some excellent thoughts, especially for those who might not have gained a strong Art education at essays high school: h) Communicate passion, commitment and free enthusiasm. Universities want people who will represent their school well who will go on to do great things that will reflect positively upon their place of disliking, study. They want passionate, keen students who will cope with the workload and who intend to actually go on and make use of free, their degree. This means that you must convey a sense of passion, commitment and enthusiasm within the portfolio (as well as during the Energy: The Next Generation, interview more on the art school interview soon). To do this, you can: Ensure that work from classroom projects is thorough, personalised, self-motivated (goes the interracial, extra mile). Include some personal, independent, self-directed work that has been completed outside of the classroom. Run Against In 1968? This helps to free interracial give an run against in 1968 indication of your current involvement and interest in the arts. During the process of reviewing portfolios, the free interracial, Ruskin staff always look for work that goes beyond the mere fulfilment of School curricula.

We search for highly motivated activity, over and above any project-based work, and for a breadth of engagement, a sense of purpose and types castles a strength of interracial, opinion in the way the portfolio is edited. Important for us is to be able to discovering a sense of the temperament laying behind the work, and sense the on nature, deeper interests that inform the portfolio. We are not interested in finding a particular formula or a specific style, but in signs of energy, ambition, critical reflection and creativity. Ruskin School of Art, United Kingdom. Personal art is the work done outside of a classroom situation and reflects the artists unique interests in use of materials, subject matter and concept. Work can be completed in any media including (but not limited to) drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, digital/computer art, film/video, ceramics, sculpture, animation and interracial performance art. Kavin Buck, School of Arts and Architecture at the University of California Los Angeles, United States. Involvement in art must be more than casual. Tom Lightfoot, Rochester Institute of disliking meaning, Technology, United States. Emma Rose, who works in the faculty of free interracial, arts and types castles sciences at Lancaster University, advises that students include some self-generated work not just the projects that have been assigned on free courses. We want someone with that extra spark perhaps youve gone off with a camera to take interesting photos. The Independent. Self-initiated projects (artwork created independent of classroom assignments/exercises) are especially encouraged. UCLA Department of fictional frome, Art, United States.

Ultimately, its all about passion and ideas, and so if you include the interracial, kinds of things that youre most excited about, that youre most proud of, then chances are your portfolio submission will make a strong impression. Ringling College of meaning, Art and Design, United States. i) Tailor your application to suit your degree. Portfolio guidelines for free interracial different areas of Art and Design are often similar, but it can be wise to richard nixon run against modify your portfolio so that it is appropriate for the degree you are applying for. Rather than creating a completely different set of images for each specialisation or major, however, a submission can be tweaked slightly, so that it showcases relevant strengths and an interest in the area you are applying for free interracial (for example, submitting observational drawings of city scenes or building interiors for an architecture application etc ( although this is not necessary more on architecture portfolios below). As an example, digital based degrees may like to see evidence of technological awareness and capability and the ability to work with a range of digital platforms, alongside traditional non-digital techniques. This might include time-based interactive work (film, animation, video, website design).

The following list gives some guidance about the sort of material that may be helpful for specific areas, in addition to the items discussed above, such as observational drawing. Richard Run Against In 1968? As with all recommendations in free interracial this article, you should refer to Green Energy: the university or college you are applying to free interracial for precise requirements. Graphic Design Portfolios: Graphic design print work or web graphics Font design or use of typography Graphic illustrations Video graphics Interactive web media and any other related projects. A university Foundation application portfolio by fictional frome, Jacob Wise: This portfolio shows an obvious strength in graphic design.

Along with evidence of free interracial, strong observational drawing skill, the work is fictional frome supplemented by original posters that show a good understanding of composition with competent arrangement of line, colour, space, text and form. Free Interracial? The Bauhaus movement, Russian constructivism and types the Swiss international graphic style are a source of massive inspiration for free interracial my work with the what was 15th, utilization of sharp edges, bold shape, colour and precision. Many students assume that an architecture application portfolio must be filled with drawings of buildings or architectural designs. This is almost always not the case (as with all other recommendations made in this article, you should check the requirements of the particular course you are applying for). Admissions staff typically wish to see evidence of creativity with a range of media and strong observational drawing skill (as described in the first part of free, this article), including the who did richard, ability to represent space, perspective and 3D form. Free? This can be achieved through exploration of completely unrelated subject matter, such as still life, landscapes and human form. If you have a choice, however, drawing buildings, manmade structures, interior/exterior spaces, furniture and/or mechanical parts and so on, may help to on nature demonstrate an interest in architectural design.

Architecture schools usually do NOT require formal technical drawings (instrumental or computer generated plans / orthographic projections etc) and if these are accepted as part of the application portfolio, they are often limited in quantity, so that you include a sufficient range of free, hand-generated work. Who Did Run Against? You are not expected to understand how to design a building this is what you learn upon free interracial, the course. Who Did In 1968? Three-dimensional sculptures, installations, casts and/or model constructions can be great to include, as these communicate spatial awareness and an interest in working with 3D form. These might include conceptual models made from cardboard, paper, wire, wood and other found materials, for example. Artwork in a wide range of mediums (printmaking / photography etc) are typically accepted. Note: Some universities and architecture schools specifically request that the portfolio is not filled with Design Technology work, preferring to see work that has been produced as part of high school Art courses. (Although some high school Design Technology courses provide excellent preparation for architectural degrees, Art courses typically offer a stronger grounding in interracial observational drawing and composition).

Examples of observational drawings submitted as part of an application to on nature the University of free interracial, Auckland, School of Architecture, New Zealand: Note that even the bottom drawing an observational drawing of lights mounted upon a steel bar communicates a clear interest in architectural form. Images from an architecture application portfolio by richard in 1968, Irence K, completed while studying at Ashcan Studio of Art: Irence was awarded a four year scholarship and was accepted into interracial, RISD Architecture. These works communicate a clear interest in three-dimensional space and architectural form.

An architecture portfolio example by Ken Liang, completed under the guidance of Evangelos Limpantoudis from the Office of Competitive Design who helps students gain admission to top architecture schools from around the world: Ken was accepted by all five architecture schools that he applied to: Cornell, Savannah College of Art and Design, Parsons, the Rhode Island School of Green Energy: The Next Generation Essay, Design and Columbia University. Free Interracial? With no prior experience about art or design, his portfolio became a vehicle for Ken to learn about the design process, showing the process of development of architectural forms derived from conceptual models using fabric and clay. Fashion Design Portfolios. Figure drawings for example drawings of disliking, clothing on models Documentation of original sewing, textiles or fashion design projects. Part of a Kingston University Art Foundation application portfolio by Annabelle Holden: Studying Art History, Textiles and Photography at free interracial high school helped Annabelle prepare a great portfolio, including work from a textiles project where she reinvented vintage items. A Fashion Design portfolio by Jinsoo Choi, prepared during a course at Ashcan Studio of Art: Jinsoo was accepted into Parsons Fashion Design (Scholarship), Pratt Fashion Design and FIT.

Note the fictional frome, outstanding observational drawing skill and clever linking of colours between the separate pieces within this portfolio. Product Design Portfolios: Subjects like product design often require strong practical, analytical and communication skills, as well as the free, technical and conceptual ideas and self-motivation required by other art-related degrees. This means that evidence of working with materials and in both 2D and 3D can be beneficial. Filmmaking may combine many different skills including performing arts, music, literature and writing. As a result, portfolio requirements may be quite different from a traditional art school application. Applications may include: Screen shots from original films, animations, videos or digital applications with video excerpts embedded (make sure these are short as admissions staff will not have time to view long reels of fictional frome, footage, and/or captured as a storyboard with screenshots). Free? These may be submitted on DVD or flash drives or as URL links to YouTube, Vimeo or embedded on a personal website or blog (see why Art students should have their own website and how to make one) Fashion, costume or set design Storyboards Website design and multimedia work Evidence of involvement in theatre or performing arts Screenplays and creative writing may also be appropriate. 5. Take time to create new artwork and/or improve existing pieces (if required)

Once you have planned what you will include in your portfolio, you should set aside a period of meaning, time to produce this. If you have not taken high school Art classes, preparing a folio will take a lot of work about 6 months to interracial complete a portfolio from scratch (remember it is ideal to Green Essay create more work than is needed, so that you can carefully edit and interracial remove the weaker pieces). See if your high school Art teacher can help (even if you dont take Art). An experienced teacher will often have a long history of helping / observing students apply and what was 15th may have a good knowledge of what helped successful candidates in the past. Interracial? If your own art teacher is Green Energy: not experienced with helping students apply to university or you feel you need more help preparing your portfolio find out if there are local courses or workshops that address how to make a portfolio for free interracial art school.

Portfolio preparation classes are often run by types of medieval castles, the universities / colleges themselves. These may be relatively inexpensive weekend workshops or be yearlong, such as Foundation or Art portfolio courses. Making a portfolio can feel less daunting when you produce work with a class of others and free interracial seeing others produce work can be motivating and inspirational. You will likely have to use a considerable portion of your holiday and vacation time to create work or improve existing pieces as well as generate personal work outside of your curriculum or complete home tests or assignments if required. The most important detail of preparing your portfolio for Green Energy: Essay college admissions is to remember to give yourself plenty of time and have fun with it. It is almost impossible to create quality work if you are nervous and under a time constraint. Dont wait until the last minute, and make enough work so you can edit together the best portfolio for each school you plan to apply to. Kavin Buck, School of interracial, Arts and Architecture at types the University of California Los Angeles, United States. When it says put together a portfolio of 12 pieces, it doesnt necessarily mean just make 12 pieces. Its easier to just make, make and interracial make and types then narrow it down to 12 pieces.

Not only will you have more to choose from, an admissions counselor during a portfolio review can help you decide what to submit for interracial a final application. So dont limit yourself, just create! Katie, Admissions Counsellor, Parsons, United States. A University Foundation application portfolio by Nina Cavaviuti: This quote from Nina illustrates the challenge in preparing a portfolio outside of an Art class: I have had to prepare a portfolio around a fulltime degree course and a weekend job. Not being in a school environment where you are constantly supervised has meant I have had to amendment work independently, I have learnt to take advantage of my surroundings and to use time effectively, such as using daily travel as an opportunity to create observational drawings and attending regular life drawing classes to improve my technical drawing skills. Once you have completed a significant body of work, seek feedback and modify / improve / redo pieces. Dont leave this until the last minute, because you will run out of interracial, time if changes are needed. Build in fictional frome reflective time time to set it aside and come back to it with fresh eyes. This excellent video by interracial, Paul Stanford, Head of Department of the Foundation Course in Art and Design at amendment Kingston University, shows the evaluation of an free average student portfolio to be offered a place.

It highlights the importance of editing a portfolio carefully and eliminating weaker work, as well as ending a portfolio well, so that the final impression is a good one. Towards the what was 15th amendment, middle of the free, portfolio, Paul begins to notice technical deficiencies a bit of a boring drawing, you might say its not a great life drawing, is it? a reminder that students should only submit work that plays to their strengths. Essays? The students skill set as a whole and estimated potential is free evaluated, with observational drawing skill only one part of disliking pressure, this equation. Most people become too close to their own work and cannot see it objectively. Bring an unbiased person (not friends or family) to assist with your final portfolio selection, ideally someone who has a background in art or design. Free Interracial? When selecting work, aim for quality over what amendment quantity, avoid repetition and include variety of subject matter, skill and medium. Read the schools suggestions for portfolio submission carefully. Most will say 10 to 20 pieces and I can tell you that more is often not better.

If you have ten really strong works to free submit, and then the quality level noticeably drops, better to show ten uniformly good works than a whole range. Anonymous answer on Yahoo. Be selective. dont submit work that you are not proud of just for the sake of nixon run against in 1968, having variety. Virginia Commonwealth University. Select projects that show a range of media and free subject matter, while still emphasizing your strongest work. Carnegie Mellon University. Its good to start with lots of work and then be super selective with what you put in Energy: The Next Generation the portfolio Charlotte Cook. Some institutions offer the opportunity to have your portfolio reviewed before submission (a preliminary portfolio review). US students are also able to attend National Portfolio Day, where they are able to receive feedback on their portfolio-in-progress from university and free interracial college representatives. These are held all over the US and essays are highly recommended.

Lines are long and free you should arrive early to ensure that you are able to speak to the schools of your first choice. At this event, brace yourself for essays harsh words. Its not uncommon for students to be told at interracial National Portfolio Day that they essentially have to of medieval castles start over from scratch because their portfolio is headed in the wrong direction. Reviewers will be candid and direct about the quality and type of work that their school is looking for, so dont be discouraged if you get a tough critique. Rather, be glad that you got the interracial, feedback you needed to get yourself headed in essays on nature the right direction. Clara Lieu, Rhode Island School of free, Design, United States. Accept constructive criticism and meaning advice dont be offended (youll need to get used to this if you want to go to art school!) Virginia Commonwealth University, United States. What Should be In a Portfolio? This video from the University of Arts London explains how a good portfolio should have a sense of journey or story unfolding. It is a good video that helps you understand which pieces to select. It is a good reminder to show a range of free, creative skills and techniques and disliking well as communicating your personality, interests and a sense of your own experiences. 7. Free? Organise, photograph and present your art portfolio.

Presentation of what, your portfolio is very important. The organisation and arrangement of your portfolio has a direct impact upon the way the work is perceived. A good layout helps to communicate an interracial eye for composition, a professional approach, shows your commitment and desire to attend a university or college: it leaves a positive, memorable impression. Poorly cared for work that is thrown together in a sloppy, thoughtless layout, or is overly decorative and laboured in presentation, significantly detracts from the quality of the who did richard nixon run against, artwork. Admissions staff may spend less than five minutes looking at your portfolio, so first impressions count. This video about preparing a portfolio by University of the Arts London contains some great reminders about presenting a portfolio. In particular, they suggest that you should put nothing in your portfolio that you cant talk about and interracial organise it so that it is Green Essay easy to navigate. It also explains that while a portfolio should not be crammed full of everything a student has produced, it should not be over-edited: pared down so much that we cant actually see little glimpse of potential . Carefully photograph work for free digital submissions and any work that is on nature three-dimensional/sculptural or that exceeds size specifications for hardcopy submissions (see our guide to photographing art like a pro coming soon). Reread portfolio presentation requirements carefully to make sure that you present exactly what is free interracial required by the admissions departments of each of the schools that you are applying to (especially size and weight restrictions). Here are some general portfolio presentation tips: a) Select a simple, professional format that allows your work to amendment be viewed easily.

If a portfolio size isnt specified, choose something that works well for your own work and free that can be transported easily. A3, A2 or A1 is usually fine. From my own experience, I find A3 is the most ideal (both in education and disliking beyond). A3 marks the free interracial, perfect balance because you can sufficiently display your artwork effectively, while making it easier to transport. Recent UK art school applicant from the StudentRoom. Choose a flat type of art portfolio case or folder that opens and was 15th close easily, while protecting work so that it doesnt get creased. (Avoid rolling work up, as it will be hard to get it to lie flat). Free Interracial? The portfolio case may be a spine-mounted leather art portfolio (usually found in all good art retailers see examples on Amazon) or a clear non-reflective clear file folder, for example. It doesnt need to be overly expensive: avoid extravagant folders and choose one that is simple, clean and practical. Although presentation is fictional frome important for your portfolio, dont spend loads of time and interracial money buying flashy folders advises Wendy Rochefort, who is studying a foundation degree in Fine Art at Cornwall College. Simple mounts and a tidy finish are fine. The Independent.

Have all sheets securely bound in fictional frome such a way as to allow all sheets to lie flat when the portfolio is open. Be able to be easily and safely handled. Free? There should be no exposed metal binders, staples or similar fittings. Sheet metal or other heavy or sharp materials should not be used for portfolio covers. School of Architecture, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Choose plain, neutral portfolio colours (black, grey, white etc) and fictional frome avoid busy, decorative or patterned presentations (you want emphasis to remain on your artwork). Similarly, avoid reflective surfaces that hamper vision (for example, glazing paintings or clearfiles with shiny plastic).

Keep the presentation format uncluttered and relevant. Avoid over decorating your portfolio as this can detract from the interracial, content. University of the Arts London, United Kingdom. b) Order the Generation Essay, work in a logical and aesthetically pleasing way . Start and end with a great piece of work, so that you create a great initial and free interracial final impression. Space other great work evenly throughout your portfolio (avoiding a clump of weaker work). Green The Next Generation? Think about grouping similar work together, by medium, subject or style perhaps as a series of projects or chronologically. An assessor must be able to understand your portfolio and see any connections between pieces (for example, show the creative journey between development work/sketchbook pages and final outcomes). Free Interracial? Aim to Green The Next Generation make it appear coherent, rather than a whole lot of scattered, disconnected pieces. Narrative is an important element to free interracial consider when preparing a portfolio. How work is fictional frome laid out and interracial displayed changes how it is nixon run against read, meaning the placement of interracial, pieces is vital to showing tutors your best ability in Energy: the shortest amount of time. The Guardian.

Think about the composition of interracial, each page which images are facing each other, whether the colours work well together etc. Types Castles? Consider the relationships between pieces, especially the relationship between sizes, colours and format of work. Add greater contrast, crop tighter to make more dramatic compositions. Add a little more intense color. Youd be surprised how much stronger your work can look with just a few careful additions. Free? Karen Kesteloot, a portfolio development coach from PortPrep. c) Avoid unnecessary repetition. If you are asked to submit a specific number of images, ensure that each of these is a different piece of work. Where a certain number of Green The Next Generation Essay, sheets are asked for, it may be possible to mount smaller works onto a single sheet.

If you want to submit different angles of interracial, one piece of work, it is usually best to digitally submit these on one sheet, or as one image. Read the guidelines of the particular university or college you wish to what apply to interracial carefully to essays find out what is expected. There is no virtue in quantity alone and candidates should not include multiple colour variations of prints, for example. Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, United Kingdom. Do not include detail photos of work in your portfolio unless you consider them absolutely necessary.

Under no circumstance should more than two detail shots be included. Yale School of Art. d) Trim / crop everything in free a clean environment and types of medieval castles attach to the portfolio (if submitting in hardcopy) Make sure work is thoroughly dry and that pages will not stick together Make sure work is secured well, with no loose work falling out when pages are opened Use fixative to stop charcoal, chalk or graphite drawings smudging and ensure that these are not directly facing other artworks in the portfolio. Interracial? Existing smudges can be erased from drawings using a putty rubber, prior to spraying with fixative. Avoid fold out Energy:, flaps, and interracial other irritating formats that may distract or irritate the viewer Make sure photographs are focused, free of fingerprints, printed on was 15th amendment matt (non-reflective) paper and are large enough to free interracial see details clearly Dont mount things with distracting borders (it is not usually necessary to mount or mat your work); faming work is unnecessary. Let the work stand on its own. Fictional Frome? A clean, professional and minimal style is usually ideal, as described above. e) Presentation of digital work (if submitting online or upon interracial, DVD or memory stick)

If you wish to include digital material with a hardcopy submission, ensure that the art school you are applying to is able to of medieval castles view work digital material in particular format (video / CD etc). Check carefully what type of new media presentations they accept and accompany this with a printed hardcopy version (screenshots etc) and free interracial a note about the programmes used, in case difficulties arise. Label all digital files sensibly, such as firstname-lastname-application.pdf rather than 4690243fxz.pdf Ensure images reflect the true colour and appearance of the Green The Next Generation Essay, artwork and are cropped correctly, without unrelated, disctracting background items Ensure moving image or video footage is cropped to a sensible length (admissions staff usually have tight time limitations) Consider embedding videos upon free interracial, your own website, rather than as a link to youtube / vimeo. This creates a much more professional backdrop to pressure meaning your application (see how to create your own website). As with physical submissions, think carefully about the organisation and free grouping of images. Save a record of essays, all digital submissions as a backup! f) Label work clearly but unobtrusively. Use small, clear writing to label work in a way that doesnt detract from the artwork. If labelling guidelines are not given (sometimes a separate sheet containing details of each image is required), label work in the corner or on interracial the reverse with the title, mediums, dimensions, dates and additional info as required. Avoid decorative font and excessively large headings. Proof for spelling errors and inaccuracies (get someone else to check this too).

Make sure all links to digital moving images work. Want more help with applying to Art school? This article is accompanied by our Guide to the Art school interview (coming soon) packed with advice from those who have recently applied. To make sure that you dont miss out on disliking pressure meaning this article, please make sure that you are subscribed to our newsletter using the sign up form below! This article was written by Amiria Gale. Free? Amiria has been a teacher of Art Design and a Curriculum Co-ordinator for seven years, responsible for the course design and assessment of Art and Design work in two high-achieving Auckland schools. Amiria has a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Bachelor of Architecture (First Class Honours) and types castles a Graduate Diploma of Teaching. Interracial? She is a CIE Accredited Art Design Coursework Assessor. Follow Student Art Guide on Pinterest.

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Career Changer Brick Red. Whether its entry-level, manager, or executive, every job seeker experiences different phases throughout their career. Some phases, like being in the middle of a complete career change or hopping around short-term jobs, are quite difficult to transfer on a resume. Fortunately, we have created a new library of templates specifically tailored to the various stages of a career. Remember: You can download any of these resume templates for free and add the bullet points yourself, or you can make a resume in minutes with Resume Genius renowned resume builder software. It can save you a lot of was 15th amendment hassle designing and filling up your resume, and free interracial, land you more interviews faster. What Was 15th. However, if youd still like to make the resume on interracial your own, use our industry-specific resume samples to give you guidance and inspiration when writing your own resume. Lastly, dont forget to check out our professional cover letter examples. Not Sure Which Template to Choose?

The answer is yes if you want to. Every persons experience is unique, so youll need to choose a template that best reflects and richard nixon run against, promotes your skills and experiences.Our templates are built to be customizable to any industry and are great for any of the free, 3 resume formats. The fact is, the web is filled with so many fantastic and creative template designs that there is disliking undoubtedly something for you out there. We are proud of the designs weve created, and have seen that they are effective at landing interviews. But were not finished yet well be adding template designs to this page extensively in free interracial the near future. If you feel like creating your own, thats fine too. Readability is king when creating a good template it is the most important factor, followed by Green Energy: The Next, how the resume itself is structured to showcase your best experiences and conceal your negative ones. You may have read on the Internet that its inappropriate to use a resume template. Youll hear these arguments: 1. It shows youre lazy and uncreative, and unable to design your own.

Wrong, it shows youre efficient. Interracial. (Creating your own is fine, too.) 2. Since your experience is was 15th unique, a resume template wont cut it. Wrong again. Your experience is personally unique, but you still generally fall into pattern that many other people have traveled before. 3. The hiring manager will be tired of looking at that resume template design because a lot of other people use it. That hiring manager should be fired.

Its the content of free interracial your resume that matters, not the aesthetic (unless its not readable.) We hope that clears up any misconceptions you may have had. We invite you to scroll back to the top and types of medieval castles, choose from one of our many resume libraries, and start writing. cover letter for interracial, nursing. Should i include collegiate sports in fictional frome my resume? And if so where? It depends how much professional experience you have.

If you are a recent college grad, then it is acceptable to free include on essays your resume. Good luck on the job hunt! Good luck on the job hunt! If the free interracial, jobs are relevant to the ones you are applying for, then you can go as far back as you like. With regards to disliking your military experience, check out free, our military to civilian resume guide: Any of the templates in library 2 would be suitable for was 15th amendment, manufacturing careers. Interracial. Best of luck! Ive worked in the same industry for what, the past 13 years. Multiple employers with jobs lasting two to three years each.

The jobs have been similar, so the experience looks a bit repetitive. I need to interracial find a template that highlights my experience without getting bogged down in the chronology, Any suggestions? It provides ample space for your professional experience, while also highlighting your top qualifications. Good luck on the job hunt! hi resume genius.. i need template resume that suitable for trainer and coach.. can u suggest to me with template is suitable.. #128578; I had a job for disliking meaning, 7 years and during that time I wore many hats, Executive Admin, Purchasing, Vendor Management, Project Coordination, etc. How would I write that on my resume? Perhaps the free, Company name and of medieval, then all the related roles under that and the times I did those jobs?

I was always the free interracial, Executive Admin, but I did other jobs during that period. Yes, your suggestion is correct. Start with the company name and Green Energy: The Next Generation, included the related jobs with their own bullet points underneath. Free. Good luck! Consider trying the Job Hopper or the Executive. They should able to fit all your jobs nicely. Ive never had a job so what should I use? Most of the templates above would suit your situation, but we suggest trying the Career Changer template because it emphasizes skills over the dates of your professional experience. ( Best of fictional frome luck! We suggest using the Gatsby Template. Good luck with grad school! As far as style, we suggest our Professional template. In terms of format, if you want to free include your restaurant experience, then you might want to consider using a functional format:

Hope this helps! We suggest using our Entry-Level template. On Nature. Good luck with the internship! Good Day Resume Genius.Im a midwife by profession an has worked in a military hospital for 16 years in KSA. Im trying to apply as a home based ESL educator and an email respondent . Interracial. Since Im from the richard nixon run against, medical profession, Im having difficulty in choosing the perfect resume.The skill I know is interracial more on the medical.,clerical which involes data entry for Green Generation Essay, appointments and summary, interpreter and my part time informal english lessons to native speaking arabs. What template should I use? Try the Murray template. Good luck! Hello.

Which is free good for cabin crew applicant? I have no many work experience in service. So i want to highlight the other things. Energy: The Next. Thanks #128578; Take a look at our Flight Attendant resume sample: You can download it and input your own information.

Which template would you recommend for a career in education? Check out our teacher resume samples: You can download them and free interracial, input your own experience. Try using the Freeman template. Best of luck on the promotion! Hi! What resume template would you recommend for a college freshman trying to apply for types, a competitive summer program with the free interracial, USDA and South Dakota State University? Sound like the Entry-Level template would be a good fit for what youre trying to do. Good luck with the disliking pressure meaning, summer program. Hi! Which resume template would you recommend for someone trying to interracial tap into the finance and accounting market. Looking for an entry-level position.

You should go with the Entry-Level template. Good luck with the job hunt. I have worked 32+ years as a nurse, the types castles, last 4 years taking care of my elderly father and online work. Now seeking to get back into the job market for extra income, not necessarily in the health field, just to earn some income and socialize. What resume do you suggest? Try the Job Hopper template. Good luck with your job search! Hi! What resume template would you recommend for a 9th grader trying to apply for a doctor (any)??

Apparently, resume making and interviewing is our project for the fourth quarter this year. I couldnt find any clear examples on the web, and I was hoping you could help me out with what template I should use.. Try using the Elegant 2.0 template. Good luck on your project. Yes, if you click the View all Resume Designs button and free, click the download link for the template pack of your choice. If youve never written a resume before, Id recommend checking out disliking meaning, our How to Write a Resume guide to free get a clearer idea (its much more comprehensive than any answer I can give here).

Hit us up with any follow-up questions after giving that a read well see if we can help further! Good luck! Hey there Margaret, In order to castles best understand which template works, its a good idea to check out which resume format fits your particular needs; then you can take it from interracial there. Green Energy: Generation. All of the templates were created by professional resume writers, so its hard to go wrong with any of them it just depends on your preference. Good luck! It really depends on what job youre applying for.

Since you have substantial work experience, try quantifying that in your resume (think: any numbers that a hiring manager can look at and better understand what you accomplished during your time working there). Check out this page and choose the one you find most fitting, that should be a good start: Good luck on the job hunt! Hey there hbil036, This way, you can focus on your skills qualifications critical to the job application. As an aside, you may want to look into whether youre qualified to interracial get back into accounting after that many years outside of the field.

I understand that some regulations and rules change over the years it may just be a matter of taking a test or updating your certifications, but Im not certain. Green The Next Essay. If that doesnt seem to be a problem then go with the functional resume for sure. Good luck on the job hunt! If you are lacking in major experience, Id recommend using a reverse chronological format for your resume. Interracial. Our Classic template on this page should do the trick: Good luck at what was 15th amendment, the job fair! I recommend you first check out our internship resume sample page:

Afterwards, feel free to interracial choose any format just use a comprehensive education section instead of a professional experience section, and you should be good. Good luck landing that internship! Share Free Downloadable Resume Templates Our code geeks and HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in todays competitive job market. Disliking. We provide HR-approved resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easy export to interracial MS Word and PDF. Get awesome job opportunities sent directly to your inbox. By clicking Send Me Job Alerts, I agree to the Resume Genius Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Play the One-Minute Game Thatll Show You How to Improve Your Resume. Think you can judge the castles, quality of a resume within 6 seconds?

The answer may surprise you. Put your skills to free the test, and learn how to on nature make your resume 6 second worthy! 3 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Hire Tom Brady. Tom Bradys resume is a couple yards short of a touchdown. Free. There are tons of on nature errors throughout. See why.

How to Modify and Maximize your Resume Template. Need a resume template? Feel free to download one, but be sure to make small modifications to free unlock your. Would You Rather Work for a Man or a Woman? Do people still care whether they work for a man or woman, or do most people simply look for a nice job. 5 Ridiculous Excuses To Calling Out Of Work That Were Surprisingly Successful. Every office is bound to Energy: have that one person that abuses the call-out policy. Free Interracial. These people go above and. Resume Genius' builder, resources, advice and of medieval, career tips are regularly featured on free some of the world's leading online and offline publications including: Our code geeks and who did richard nixon, HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today's competitive job market.

HR-proven resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easily export to MS Word and PDF.

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12 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out. For any given job opening, HR personnel and hiring managers are deluged with resumes. Free. Since they dont have the time or resources to interview everyone, they are always looking for disliking ways to weed out candidates as quickly as possible. In fact, some merely glance at each resume before deciding whether to free interracial, toss it in Energy:, the yes or no pile. So, it's imperative that you make those few seconds count. Here are 12 ways to free, make your resume stand out: 1. Incorporate industry keywords and buzzwords into your resume, but dont overdo it. Use words and phrases like a ccomplished, developed, managed, and team player in the natural language of the document, says Lisa Rangel, managing director of If your resume makes it through the fictional frome, filtering system, but it is evident to the reader that you were successful because of 'keyword stuffing,' the reader will feel you just gamed the system and will place your resume in the no pile.. But executive coach Stever Robbins says using the right buzzwords sparingly doesn't guarantee you anything. You could still end up in free, the resume black hole if you don't have sufficient differentiation once those keywords are met, he says..

That's why it's important to follow the next 11 steps.. Green Generation. 2. Tailor your resume to the job. Tune your resume to this specific role, with substantiating detail that shows why you are a great fit for the position, says Laura Smith-Proulx, a certified executive resume writer and free, LinkedIn profile expert. One way to do this is by including all of was 15th your skills and experience that are relevant to the job you're applying for. 3. Use a modern, professional format. Format your resume so that it is pleasing to the eye but doesn't focus more on visuals than content. Here's an example of a nicely formatted resume. 4. Make sure it is error-free and easy to read.

HR reps equate typos and free interracial, errors with laziness, says Greg Faherty, a certified professional resume writer and owner of Make sure its perfectly polished and error-free and dont forget to put the most important information on page one.. 5. Use a header. Fictional Frome. Include a clear, hard-hitting statement at the very top of the resume that effectively defines who you are, keeping the specific position in free, mind, says Ann Baehr, a professional resume writer and founder of Best Resumes of types castles New York. Do not use an objective. Think of it like a billboard.. Free Interracial. Baehr says the header is a branding statement that is typically all caps going across the top of the page, usually sitting under your name and contact info. (555) 555-5555 | 123 Main Street | GLOBAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIST.

6. Keep things professional. Don't include negative information about previous jobs or employers. Don't discuss your hobbies or personal qualities or politics. Who Did Run Against. Simply stick to your career facts. Free. 7. Include metrics. Theres no better way to types, demonstrate how youll add to the bottom line or cut costs than to show quantifiable achievements, Smith-Proulx says. Plus, employers often assume past performance is indicative of future results.. Faherty agrees. He says a majority of resumes fail because all they provide are job descriptions. The HR rep knows the basic duties of your job. Free Interracial. What he or she wants to see is how you made a difference to previous employers. Nixon Run Against. In a piece Marc Cenedella wrote for TheLadders earlier this year, he says you should always c ount the number of $ signs and % signs on your resume, and free, then double them.

8. Keep the readers needs or industry requirements front and center. You need to know what they are looking for pressure meaning in your candidacy. Instead of developing your resume and then conducting a job search, it is wise to research the free, requirements of several opportunities to get a sense for how you should be presented in terms of branding, focus, and Energy: The Next Essay, keywords, Baehr explains. Free. 9. In 1968. Customize your resume to tell a story. Your resume should bring the reader through your professional experiences, accomplishments, skills, and knowledge. It should show how youve advanced over the years, and what you can bring to the table. Make your resume long enough to free interracial, tell your story, but short enough to skim in a single sitting, Smith-Proulx says. The key is readability and relevance to the job youre targeting.. 10. Don't overuse fancy fonts and colors. While you dont want to overdo it, you can use color in a conservative manner to make your resume visually differentiated from the Green Energy: Generation, sea of documents the recruiter will review, Rangel says. For example, a subtle navy blue border can be very effective.

These effects can draw the recruiters eye to the document and make it stand out against the many black and white documents theyve received, she says. But know that using color on your resume is more acceptable and appropriate in some industries than others. 11. Make it longer than one page if it needs to free, be. Use the of medieval castles, appropriate amount of space for interracial your experience. If youve been in the workforce for 15-plus years, do not feel forced to trim information about your achievements to keep to an arbitrary one-page resume rule, Rangel says. Was 15th Amendment. Use what you need to, but do not make it unnecessarily long.. 12. Free. Supplement your resume with a cover letter. About half of all HR reps say they won't even read a resume if the candidate hasnt submitted a cover letter. Castles. So, unless the interracial, employer explicitly says they dont want a cover letter, write one.

SEE ALSO: Top 9 Resume Mistakes To Avoid. Recommended For You Powered by richard nixon run against in 1968 Sailthru. 12 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out. For any given job opening, HR personnel and. Get the best of Business Insider delivered to your inbox every day.

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essay on philosophy Your paper must offer an argument. It can't consist in the mere report of your opinions, nor in a mere report of the opinions of the philosophers we discuss. You have to free defend the claims you make. You have to offer reasons to disliking meaning believe them. So you can't just say: My view is that P. You must say something like: My view is that P. Interracial? I believe this because. Disliking? or: I find that the following considerations. provide a convincing argument for P. Interracial? Similarly, don't just say: Descartes says that Q. Instead, say something like: Descartes says that Q; however, the following thought-experiment will show that Q is what not true. or: Descartes says that Q. I find this claim plausible, for the following reasons. There are a variety of free, things a philosophy paper can aim to accomplish. Fictional Frome? It usually begins by free interracial, putting some thesis or argument on the table for of medieval, consideration.

Then it goes on to do one or two of the following: Criticize that argument; or show that certain arguments for the thesis are no good Defend the argument or thesis against someone else's criticism Offer reasons to believe the free, thesis Offer counter-examples to the thesis Contrast the of medieval castles, strengths and weaknesses of two opposing views about the free interracial, thesis Give examples which help explain the was 15th amendment, thesis, or which help to make the thesis more plausible Argue that certain philosophers are committed to free the thesis by their other views, though they do not come out and explicitly endorse the thesis Discuss what consequences the thesis would have, if it were true Revise the thesis, in the light of some objection. No matter which of these aims you set for yourself, you have to explicitly present reasons for the claims you make . Students often feel that since it's clear to them that some claim is true, it does not need much argument. Energy: The Next Essay? But it's very easy to overestimate the strength of your own position. After all, you already accept it. You should assume that your audience does not already accept your position; and you should treat your paper as an attempt to persuade such an free interracial audience. Hence, don't start with assumptions which your opponents are sure to reject. If you're to have any chance of persuading people, you have to start from common assumptions you all agree to. A good philosophy paper is disliking pressure meaning modest and makes a small point ; but it makes that point clearly and straightforwardly, and it offers good reasons in support of free, it. People very often attempt to accomplish too much in a philosophy paper.

The usual result of this is fictional frome a paper that's hard to read, and which is free interracial full of inadequately defended and what was 15th amendment, poorly explained claims. So don't be over-ambitious. Don't try to free interracial establish any earth-shattering conclusions in your 5-6 page paper. Done properly, philosophy moves at a slow pace. The aim of these papers is for you to show that you understand the what amendment, material and that you're able to think critically about free it. To do this, your paper does have to show some independent thinking. That doesn't mean you have to come up with your own theory, or that you have to make a completely original contribution to human thought. There will be plenty of time for that later on. An ideal paper will be clear and essays on nature, straightforward (see below), will be accurate when it attributes views to other philosophers (see below), and will contain thoughtful critical responses to the texts we read. It need not always break completely new ground. But you should try to come up with your own arguments, or your own way of elaborating or criticizing or defending some argument we looked at in class.

Merely summarizing what others have said won't be enough. It's even more valuable to talk to each other about what you want to interracial argue in your paper. When you have your ideas worked out well enough that you can explain them to someone else, verbally, then you're ready to sit down and fictional frome, start making an outline. The overall clarity of your paper will greatly depend on interracial, its structure. What Amendment? That is why it is important to think about these questions before you begin to write. I strongly recommend that you make an outline of your paper, and of the arguments you'll be presenting, before you begin to write. This lets you organize the free interracial, points you want to make in your paper and get a sense for how they are going to fit together. It also helps ensure that you're in a position to say what your main argument or criticism is, before you sit down to write a full draft of disliking pressure meaning, your paper. Free? When students get stuck writing, it's often because they haven't yet figured out what they're trying to say.

Give your outline your full attention. It should be fairly detailed. (For a 5-page paper, a suitable outline might take up a full page or even more.) I find that making an outline is at least 80% of the work of writing a good philosophy paper. If you have a good outline, the rest of the writing process will go much more smoothly. You need to leave yourself enough time to Green Energy: The Next Generation think about the topic and write a detailed outline. Only then should you sit down to interracial write a complete draft. Once you have a complete draft, you should set it aside for a day or two. Then you should come back to it and rewrite it. Types Castles? Several times. Free? At least 3 or 4. If you can, show it to your friends and get their reactions to it. Do they understand your main point?

Are parts of your draft unclear or confusing to them? All of this takes time. So you should start working on your papers as soon as the on nature, paper topics are assigned. You may think that since your TA and I already know a lot about interracial this subject, you can leave out a lot of Green Energy: The Next Generation Essay, basic explanation and write in free interracial, a super-sophisticated manner, like one expert talking to another. I guarantee you that this will make your paper incomprehensible. If your paper sounds as if it were written for pressure meaning, a third-grade audience, then you've probably achieved the right sort of clarity. In your philosophy classes, you will sometimes encounter philosophers whose writing is obscure and complicated.

Everybody who reads this writing will find it difficult and interracial, frustrating. The authors in question are philosophically important despite their poor writing, not because of it. So do not try to emulate their writing styles. Make the Green Energy: Generation, structure of your paper obvious. How can you do this? First of free interracial, all, use connective words, like: because, since, given this argument thus, therefore, hence, it follows that, consequently nevertheless, however, but in the first case, on the other hand. These will help your reader keep track of where your discussion is going. Be sure you use these words correctly! If you say P. Thus Q. then you are claiming that P is a good reason to pressure accept Q. You had better be right. Free Interracial? If you aren't, we'll complain. Don't throw in a thus or a therefore to make your train of thought sound better-argued than it really is.

Another way you can help make the structure of your paper obvious is by telling the reader what you've done so far and what you're going to do next. You can say things like: I will begin by. Before I say what is pressure meaning wrong with this argument, I want to. These passages suggest that. I will now defend this claim. Further support for this claim comes from. For example. These signposts really make a big difference. Free? Consider the following two paper fragments: . We've just seen how X says that P. I will now present two arguments that not-P. My first argument is.

My second argument that not-P is. X might respond to disliking meaning my arguments in free interracial, several ways. For instance, he could say that. However this response fails, because. Another way that X might respond to my arguments is by who did nixon run against, claiming that. This response also fails, because. So we have seen that none of X's replies to my argument that not-P succeed. Hence, we should reject X's claim that P.

I will argue for free interracial, the view that Q. There are three reasons to The Next believe Q. Firstly. The strongest objection to Q says. However, this objection does not succeed, for free, the following reason. Isn't it easy to see what the structure of these papers is?

You want it to be just as easy in your own papers. A final thing: make it explicit when you're reporting your own view and when you're reporting the views of some philosopher you're discussing. The reader should never be in doubt about whose claims you're presenting in a given paragraph. You can't make the what was 15th, structure of your paper obvious if you don't know what the structure of free interracial, your paper is, or if your paper has no structure. That's why making an outline is so important. Be concise, but explain yourself fully.

These demands might seem to pull in opposite directions. (It's as if the first said Don't talk too much, and the second said Talk a lot.) If you understand these demands properly, though, you'll see how it's possible to Green Energy: meet them both. We tell you to be concise because we don't want you to ramble on about everything you know about a given topic, trying to show how learned and free, intelligent you are. Essay? Each assignment describes a specific problem or question, and you should make sure you deal with that particular problem. Nothing should go into your paper which does not directly address that problem. Prune out everything else. It is always better to concentrate on one or two points and develop them in depth than to try to cram in free interracial, too much.

One or two well-mapped paths are better than an types impenetrable jungle. Formulate the central problem or question you wish to address at the beginning of your paper, and keep it in mind at all times. Free? Make it clear what the problem is, and why it is a problem. Of Medieval Castles? Be sure that everything you write is interracial relevant to fictional frome that central problem. In addition, be sure to interracial say in the paper how it is on nature relevant. Free Interracial? Don't make your reader guess. One thing I mean by explain yourself fully is that, when you have a good point, you shouldn't just toss it off in one sentence. Explain it; give an fictional frome example; make it clear how the point helps your argument. But explain yourself fully also means to be as clear and explicit as you possibly can when you're writing.

It's no good to protest, after we've graded your paper, I know I said this, but what I meant was. Say exactly what you mean, in the first place. Part of what you're being graded on is how well you can do that. Pretend that your reader has not read the material you're discussing, and has not given the topic much thought in advance. This will of course not be true.

But if you write as if it were true, it will force you to explain any technical terms, to illustrate strange or obscure distinctions, and to be as explicit as possible when you summarize what some other philosopher said. Use plenty of free interracial, examples and definitions. Examples are also useful for explaining the what amendment, notions that play a central role in your argument. You should always make it clear how you understand these notions, even if they are familiar from everyday discourse. Free Interracial? As they're used in everyday discourse, those notions may not have a sufficiently clear or precise meaning. For instance, suppose you're writing a paper about abortion, and you want to on nature assert the claim A fetus is a person. Free Interracial? What do you mean by a person? That will make a big difference to whether your audience should find this premise acceptable. The Next Generation? It will also make a big difference to how persuasive the interracial, rest of your argument is. By itself, the following argument is pretty worthless:

A fetus is a person. It's wrong to kill a person. Therefore, it's wrong to kill a fetus. Meaning? For we don't know what the author means by calling a fetus a person. Free? On some interpretations of person, it might be quite obvious that a fetus is a person; but quite controversial whether it's always wrong to kill persons, in that sense of person. On other interpretations, it may be more plausible that it's always wrong to kill persons, but totally unclear whether a fetus counts as a person. So everything turns here on what the essays on nature, author means by person.

The author should be explicit about how he is using this notion. In a philosophy paper, it's okay to interracial use words in ways that are somewhat different from the ways they're ordinarily used. You just have to make it clear that you're doing this. For instance, some philosophers use the word person to mean any being which is capable of rational thought and self-awareness. Understood in nixon in 1968, this way, animals like whales and chimpanzees might very well count as persons. That's not the way we ordinarily use person; ordinarily we'd only call a human being a person.

But it's okay to use person in this way if you explicitly say what you mean by it. And likewise for other words. Don't vary your vocabulary just for the sake of free, variety. If you call something X at disliking, the start of your paper, call it X all the way through. So, for instance, don't start talking about Plato's view of the self, and then switch to talking about interracial Plato's view of the soul, and then switch to talking about Plato's view of the mind. If you mean to Green Generation Essay be talking about the same thing in all three cases, then call it by the same name. In philosophy, a slight change in vocabulary usually signals that you intend to be speaking about something new.

Using words with precise philosophical meanings. Philosophers give many ordinary-sounding words precise technical meanings. Consult the handouts on Philosophical Terms and Methods to make sure you're using these words correctly. Don't use words that you don't fully understand. Use technical philosophical terms only where you need them. You don't need to explain general philosophical terms, like valid argument and necessary truth. But you should explain any technical terms you use which bear on the specific topic you're discussing. So, for instance, if you use any specialized terms like dualism or physicalism or behaviorism, you should explain what these mean. Likewise if you use technical terms like supervenience and the like. Even professional philosophers writing for interracial, other professional philosophers need to explain the special technical vocabulary they're using. Different people sometimes use this special vocabulary in different ways, so it's important to make sure that you and your readers are all giving these words the same meaning.

Pretend that your readers have never heard them before. Presenting and assessing the essays, views of free, others. Then ask yourself: Are X's arguments good ones? Are his assumptions clearly stated? Are they plausible? Are they reasonable starting-points for X's argument, or ought he have provided some independent argument for them? Make sure you understand exactly what the position you're criticizing says. Fictional Frome? Students waste a lot of time arguing against views that sound like, but are really different from, the views they're supposed to be assessing. Remember, philosophy demands a high level of interracial, precision. It's not good enough for you merely to get the general idea of somebody else's position or argument. You have to get it exactly right. (In this respect, philosophy is more like a science than the types castles, other humanities.) A lot of the work in philosophy is making sure that you've got your opponent's position right.

You can assume that your reader is free interracial stupid (see above). But don't treat the philosopher or the views you're discussing as stupid. If they were stupid, we wouldn't be looking at them. If you can't see anything the view has going for disliking meaning, it, maybe that's because you don't have much experience thinking and arguing about the view, and so you haven't yet fully understood why the view's proponents are attracted to it. Try harder to figure out what's motivating them. Philosophers sometimes do say outrageous things, but if the view you're attributing to a philosopher seems to free be obviously crazy, then you should think hard about whether he really does say what you think he says. Use your imagination. Try to figure out what reasonable position the essays on nature, philosopher could have had in mind, and free interracial, direct your arguments against that.

In your paper, you always have to explain what a position says before you criticize it. If you don't explain what you take Philosopher X's view to be, your reader cannot judge whether the essays on nature, criticism you offer of X is a good criticism, or whether it is simply based on a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of X's views. So tell the reader what it is you think X is saying. Don't try to tell the free, reader everything you know about X's views, though. You have to go on fictional frome, to offer your own philosophical contribution, too. Only summarize those parts of X's views that are directly relevant to what you're going to go on to do. Sometimes you'll need to free interracial argue for your interpretation of X's view, by amendment, citing passages which support your interpretation. It is permissible for interracial, you to discuss a view you think a philosopher might have held, or should have held, though you can't find any direct evidence of that view in the text.

When you do this, though, you should explicitly say so. Essays? Say something like: Philosopher X doesn't explicitly say that P, but it seems to free interracial me that he's assuming it anyway, because. When a passage from a text is meaning particularly useful in supporting your interpretation of interracial, some philosopher's views, it may be helpful to Green Energy: The Next Generation quote the passage directly. Free Interracial? (Be sure to specify where the types of medieval castles, passage can be found.) However, direct quotations should be used sparingly. It is seldom necessary to quote more than a few sentences. Often it will be more appropriate to paraphrase what X says, rather than to quote him directly.

When you are paraphrasing what somebody else said, be sure to free say so. (And here too, cite the pages you're referring to.) Quotations should never be used as a substitute for your own explanation. And when you do quote an author, you still have to explain what the quotation says in your own words. If the quoted passage contains an argument, reconstruct the argument in more explicit, straightforward terms. What? If the free interracial, quoted passage contains a central claim or assumption, then indicate what that claim is.

You may want to give some examples to illustrate the author's point. If necessary, you may want to types castles distinguish the interracial, author's claim from other claims with which it might be confused. Sometimes when students are trying to explain a philosopher's view, they'll do it by essays, giving very close paraphrases of the free interracial, philosopher's own words. They'll change some words, omit others, but generally stay very close to Energy: The Next Generation the original text. For instance, Hume begins his Treatise of Human Nature as follows: All the interracial, perceptions of the human mind resolve themselves into fictional frome, two distinct kinds, which I shall call impressions and ideas. Free Interracial? The difference betwixt these consists in castles, the degrees of force and liveliness, with which they strike upon the mind, and make their way into our thought or consciousness.

Those perceptions, which enter with most force and violence, we may name impressions; and interracial, under this name I comprehend all our sensations, passions, and emotions, as they make their first appearance in the soul. By ideas I mean the faint images of these in thinking and reasoning. Here's an essays example of how you don't want to free interracial paraphrase: Hume says all perceptions of the mind are resolved into two kinds, impressions and ideas. The difference is in how much force and liveliness they have in our thoughts and consciousness. Castles? The perceptions with the most force and violence are impressions. Free? These are sensations, passions, and emotions. Ideas are the faint images of disliking pressure meaning, our thinking and interracial, reasoning. There are two main problems with paraphrases of essays on nature, this sort. In the first place, it's done rather mechanically, so it doesn't show that the author understands the text. In the second place, since the author hasn't figured out what the text means well enough to interracial express it in his own words, there's a danger that his paraphrase may inadvertently change the meaning of the text. In the example above, Hume says that impressions strike upon the mind with more force and liveliness than ideas do.

My paraphrase says that impressions have more force and essays, liveliness in our thoughts. It's not clear whether these are the same thing. In addition, Hume says that ideas are faint images of impressions ; whereas my paraphrase says that ideas are faint images of our thinking . Interracial? These are not the same. So the author of the Generation Essay, paraphrase appears not to have understood what Hume was saying in the original passage. A much better way of explaining what Hume says here would be the interracial, following: Hume says that there are two kinds of 'perceptions,' or mental states. He calls these impressions and ideas. Disliking Meaning? An impression is a very 'forceful' mental state, like the free interracial, sensory impression one has when looking at a red apple. An idea is a less 'forceful' mental state, like the idea one has of an apple while just thinking about it, rather than looking at it. Types Of Medieval Castles? It is not so clear what Hume means here by free, 'forceful.' He might mean. Don't be afraid of mentioning objections to your own thesis.

It is better to bring up an objection yourself than to hope your reader won't think of richard run against in 1968, it. Explain how you think these objections can be countered or overcome. Of course, there's often no way to free deal with all the objections someone might raise; so concentrate on the ones that seem strongest or most pressing. So it's OK to ask questions and raise problems in your paper even if you cannot provide satisfying answers to them all. You can leave some questions unanswered at the end of the paper. But make it clear to the reader that you're leaving such questions unanswered on disliking pressure, purpose . And you should say something about how the question might be answered, and about what makes the question interesting and relevant to the issue at hand. If something in a view you're examining is interracial unclear to you, don't gloss it over. Call attention to who did richard nixon run against the unclarity. Suggest several different ways of free interracial, understanding the who did richard nixon run against in 1968, view.

Explain why it's not clear which of interracial, these interpretations is correct. If you're assessing two positions and you find, after careful examination, that you can't decide between them, that's okay. It's perfectly okay to say that their strengths and weaknesses seem to be roughly equally balanced. But note that this too is a claim that requires explanation and reasoned defense, just like any other. You should try to provide reasons for was 15th, this claim that might be found convincing by someone who didn't already think that the two views were equally balanced. Sometimes as you're writing, you'll find that your arguments aren't as good as you initially thought them to be. You may come up with some objection to your view to which you have no good answer. Don't panic. If there's some problem with your argument which you can't fix, try to figure out free interracial, why you can't fix it. It's okay to of medieval castles change your thesis to one you can defend.

For example, instead of interracial, writing a paper which provides a totally solid defense of view P, you can instead change tactics and write a paper which goes like this: One philosophical view says that P. This is a plausible view, for the following reasons. However, there are some reasons to fictional frome be doubtful whether P. One of these reasons is X. X poses a problem for the view that P because. It is not clear how the defender of P can overcome this objection. Or you can write a paper which goes: One argument for interracial, P is the 'Conjunction Argument,' which goes as follows. At first glance, this is a very appealing argument. Disliking? However, this argument is faulty, for the following reasons. One might try to free repair the argument, by.

But these repairs will not work, because. I conclude that the Conjunction Argument does not in fact succeed in establishing P. Writing a paper of The Next Essay, these sorts doesn't mean you've given in to the opposition. After all, neither of interracial, these papers commits you to types the view that not-P. They're just honest accounts of free, how difficult it is to of medieval castles find a conclusive argument for P. Free? P might still be true, for all that. Then come back to the draft and re-read it.

As you read each sentence, say things like this to yourself: Does this really make sense? That's totally unclear! That sounds pretentious. What does that mean? What's the connection between these two sentences? Am I just repeating myself here? and who did nixon, so on. Interracial? Make sure every sentence in what was 15th, your draft does useful work. Get rid of any which don't. Free? If you can't figure out disliking meaning, what some sentence contributes to your central discussion, then get rid of it. Even if it sounds nice. Free? You should never introduce any points in types, your paper unless they're important to your main argument, and you have the room to really explain them.

If you're not happy with some sentence in your draft, ask yourself why it bothers you. It could be you don't really understand what you're trying to say, or you don't really believe it. Make sure your sentences say exactly what you want them to free interracial say. For example, suppose you write Abortion is the same thing as murder. Is that what you really mean? So when Oswald murdered Kennedy, was that the fictional frome, same thing as aborting Kennedy? Or do you mean something different? Perhaps you mean that abortion is free a form of murder. In conversation, you can expect that people will figure out was 15th, what you mean.

But you shouldn't write this way. Even if your TA is able to figure out what you mean, it's bad writing. In philosophical prose, you have to interracial be sure to say exactly what you mean. Also pay attention to what the structure of your draft. When you're revising a draft, it's much more important to work on the draft's structure and interracial, overall clarity, than it is to clean up a word or a phrase here or there. Make sure your reader knows what your main claim is, and what your arguments for that claim are. Make sure that your reader can tell what the Green Energy:, point of every paragraph is. It's not enough that you know what their point is. It has to be obvious to your reader, even to a lazy, stupid, and mean reader. If you can, show your draft to your friends or to free interracial other students in the class, and Green The Next Essay, get their comments and advice.

I encourage you to do this. Interracial? Do your friends understand your main point? Are parts of your draft unclear or confusing to them? If your friends can't understand something you've written, then neither will your grader be able to understand it. Your paragraphs and your argument may be perfectly clear to you but not make any sense at all to someone else.

Another good way to check your draft is to nixon read it out loud. Interracial? This will help you tell whether it all makes sense. You may know what you want to say, but that might not be what you've really written. Reading the paper out loud can help you notice holes in your reasoning, digressions, and unclear prose. You should count on pressure meaning, writing many drafts of your paper. At least 3 or 4!! Check out the following web site, which illustrates how to revise a short philosophy paper through several drafts. Free Interracial? Notice how much the paper improves with each revision: Writing tutor for Introductory Philosophy Courses

Also, don't begin with a sentence like Webster's Dictionary defines a soul as. Green The Next Essay? Dictionaries aren't good philosophical authorities. They record the way words are used in everyday discourse. Free Interracial? Many of the same words have different, specialized meanings in philosophy. It's OK to end a sentence with a preposition. It's also OK to castles split an infinitive, if you need to. (Sometimes the easiest way to say what you mean is by splitting an free interracial infinitive. Green Generation? For example, They sought to better equip job candidates who enrolled in free, their program.) Efforts to avoid these often end up just confusing your prose.

Do avoid other sorts of Generation, grammatical mistakes, like dangling participles (e.g., Hurt by her fall, the free interracial, tree fell right on Mary 's leg before she could get out of the way), and the like. You may use the word I freely, especially to essays tell the free, reader what you're up to (e.g., I've just explained why. Now I'm going to consider an pressure meaning argument that. ). Don't worry about using the verb is or to be too much. In a philosophy paper, it's OK to use this verb as much as you need to. You shouldn't need to use these secondary readings when writing your papers. The point of the papers is to teach you how to analyze a philosophical argument, and present your own arguments for or against some conclusion. The arguments we'll be considering in class are plenty hard enough to deserve your full attention, all by themselves.

Can you write your paper as a dialogue or story? But neither should your papers be too short! Don't cut off an argument abruptly. If a paper topic you've chosen asks certain questions, be sure you answer or address each of those questions. Please double-space your papers, number the pages, and include wide margins. We prefer to get the papers simply stapled: no plastic binders or anything like that. Include your name on free, the paper. And don't turn in disliking pressure, your only copy! (These things should be obvious, but apparently they're not.) You'll be graded on free interracial, three basic criteria: How well do you understand the issues you're writing about? How good are the arguments you offer?

Is your writing clear and who did richard nixon in 1968, well-organized? We do not judge your paper by whether we agree with its conclusion. In fact, we may not agree amongst ourselves about interracial what the essays, correct conclusion is. But we will have no trouble agreeing about whether you do a good job arguing for your conclusion. More specifically, we'll be asking questions like these: Do you clearly state what you're trying to accomplish in interracial, your paper? Is it obvious to the reader what your main thesis is?

Do you offer supporting arguments for the claims you make? Is it obvious to The Next Essay the reader what these arguments are? Is the structure of interracial, your paper clear? For instance, is it clear what parts of your paper are expository, and what parts are your own positive contribution? Is your prose simple, easy to read, and easy to understand? Do you illustrate your claims with good examples?

Do you explain your central notions? Do you say exactly what you mean? Do you present other philosophers' views accurately and charitably? Explain this claim or What do you mean by this? or I don't understand what you're saying here This passage is unclear (or awkward, or otherwise hard to read) Too complicated Too hard to follow Simplify Why do you think this? This needs more support Why should we believe this? Explain why this is a reason to believe P Explain why this follows from fictional frome, what you said before Not really relevant Give an example? Try to anticipate these comments and avoid the need for them! Your paper should do some philosophical work. Here are some more interesting things our student could have done in his paper. Interracial? He could have argued that B doesn't really follow from A, after all. Or he could have presented reasons for thinking that A is false.

Or he could have argued that assuming A is an illegitimate move to make in a debate about whether B is true. Or something else of that sort. These would be more interesting and satisfying ways of engaging with Philosopher X's view. Responding to fictional frome comments from me or your TA. Your rewrites should try to interracial go beyond the types of medieval, specific errors and problems we've indicated. If you got below an A-, then your draft was generally difficult to read, it was difficult to see what your argument was and interracial, what the structure of richard in 1968, your paper was supposed to be, and so on.

You can only free interracial, correct these sorts of failings by rewriting your paper from scratch. (Start with a new, empty window in Green The Next Generation Essay, your word processor.) Use your draft and interracial, the comments you received on it to construct a new outline, and write from that. Keep in mind that when I or your TA grade a rewrite, we may sometimes notice weaknesses in meaning, unchanged parts of your paper that we missed the first time around. Or perhaps those weaknesses will have affected our overall impression of the paper, and free, we just didn't offer any specific recommendation about fixing them. So this is another reason you should try to improve the whole paper , not just the passages we comment on. It is possible to improve a paper without improving it enough to raise it to the next grade level. Green Energy: Generation? Sometimes that happens.

But I hope you'll all do better than that. Most often, you won't have the opportunity to rewrite your papers after they've been graded. So you need to teach yourself to write a draft, scrutinize the free, draft, and revise and rewrite your paper before turning it in to be graded. Naturally, I owe a huge debt to the friends and professors who helped me learn how to pressure meaning write philosophy. Interracial? I'm sure they had a hard time of it. If you're a teacher and you think your own students would find this web site useful, you are free to point them here (or to distribute printed copies).

It's all in the public good.